Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Memory of Miss Elizabeth Taylor

Here's an astonishing fact: In 1977, when Elvis Presley died suddenly, PEOPLE magazine did not put him on the cover. Back then, not many tabloid shows existed, and therefore, in magazines and in news magazine shows, his death was covered in a very minor way. It's weird to realize  that in those days, the thought of giving "press" to the passing of a celebrity was considered "too macabre" a topic for readers and viewers.

That all changed, of course, on the fateful day when John Lennon was murdered in 1980. Suddenly, TV, radio, and print media "got" that we fans want to know about our legends who are "taken" from us. We fans, who carefully follow the careers of people like Elvis, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and, Elizabeth Taylor -- want a full news accounting of their death and the circumstances surrounding it. Today, more than ever, with the rocky state of affairs in the world, when an ICON dies, we all want to see a tribute, a full-on farewell, to the person who kept us inspired, entertained, and engaged... to the person who, in certain ways, changed the world we live in.

Today, we mourn the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, not only because was she larger than life, but because she was a movie star who cared. One of the first icons to step up to fight AIDS, Miss Taylor also was not afraid to stand up to "media nonsense"  -- especially in the case of Michael Jackson. It's no secret that the two of them were close -- that Liz spent a lot of time at Neverland in a time period when the media hated Michael, and hurled allegations at the pop star that he would never eradicate. In the end, when Michael was facing the battle of his life in court -- Liz Taylor was not present in the Santa Maria courthouse to show support for him. But, now in retrospect, we much consider that maybe she was too ill, and too tired, to continue to fight for Michael, or even for herself. Come to think of it, we have not seen much of Elizabeth Taylor in public for the past 5 years, except to learn reports of her health issues. Perhaps she was suffering too much in the past few years, and was fighting her own health battle that was worsening with alarming speed.

Like Elvis, Michael, and John, we know that most everything in Elizabeth Taylor's life made headlines around the world. Now, in death, we should think, not of her her very public shredding of spouses, or her extraordinary excesses, that we all gossiped about. rather, we should remember that Miss Taylor embodied all that was glamour...  all that was beautiful and sophisticated. Women loved her movies, her diamonds, and her style... and men, simply melting looking at her violet eyes. Liz just might be the last of the GREAT movie stars... who, on screen,  even outdid Cleopatra!

I look up to her with a kind of reverence, and an ever present sense that, WOW, I wish we could have more stars like her... who are willing to stand up for what's right, in the face of all adversity.

God Bless you, Miss Taylor.

Your empathy was real, and your tireless work to alleviate suffering, will forever be your tribute.

Love You All,


Thursday, December 30, 2010

To all of Michael's biggest fans ...

To all of Michael's biggest fans, first of all... thank you, thank you for supporting Michael and the TRUTH... It is more important  than ever, now, in the face the Conrad Murray trial in early 2011 and all the mud-slinging the defense will create.

For anyone who has asked for a personalized copy of MJC -- please forgive me -- but I am on the road shooting my True Crime show, and have been overwhelmed to the point of tears, between travel, my writing, my family obligations, and the holidays. As it stands, I have just over 2 dozen books left.... and I package them by hand because I can't trust any helper to keep the shipping labels straight... so FYI ...I spend hours packing and labeling...

I actually DO notice the names of those of you who order MJC from me because I have a photographic memory ... so again... thank you for caring about having something that proves Michael was innocent... I myself have a hard time with people who STILL don't believe me when I explain that MJ was framed. People prefer to believe hateful things about him... yet his music brings everyone so much joy. It is confounding... that's for sure.

BTW, any book is always worth more without being personalized... just thought I'd mention that. AS for the hardcover version... I don't think that will ever be available again... so, hold on to what you've got, and stop trying to sell them for crazy amounts of money... please! 

Because of my travel schedule, I will not be able to offer signed MJC books at any time after January 7, 2011. I hope you all understand. I just can't keep up the pace.. Because of that, MJC is now avail on Amazon in paperback for anyone who wants one...  I think they sell it for $21.99...   

ON another note: please know that I am in regular contact with MEZ, who keeps me updated on the family.... Though he never says too much... I know he sees them.  Sometimes I hear about his Mom but I never anything about his children, who are having yet another Christmas without Michael.... We can only imagine how devastated they are...  IN any case, I have promised MEZ confidentiality in all MJ matters that he relates to me... so I really can't say more.

I want to share something about the cover of the new album... Michael.... which I love...
Have any of you studied the painting on the cover? Of course, it chronicles Michael's life and even has hints about his early days (you'll notice a tiny Volkswagon bus) as well as reminders of his work in E.T. in 1982 (the spaceship). Also, one really great thing about this painting is that Prince, Paris and Prince II are represented with Michael multiple times.

What people  might not know, however, is that the artist who painted this piece (Kadir Nelson) asked certain famous people to lend their images to him, but many withheld their copyright permission. This includes, in no specific order: Debbie Rowe, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna. and Oprah Winfrey. Hmmmmm.

One last note about the album cover painting for MJ trivia fans:  look inside the CD for the full painting in the centerfold... and somewhere, you will find a floating golden gavel... which is a REMINDER of Michael's courtroom victory in Santa Barbara County in 2005!

Finally, as we approach another New Year without MJ, please try to remember that Michael put his heart into everything... and he left us a legacy of posthumous songs that continue to remind us the he is still with us... and is still The KING.

Sending my love and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Autographed copies of Michael Jackson Conspiracy for sale - AGAIN!

Due to the enormous outpouring of love and support, and because the hardback is out of print, I am selling the high-end soft-back of Michael Jackson Conspiracy one more time before the holidays.  I am home for a short period of time, and I ordered another batch of books, which I can sign and ship in the next few days (I do the actual signing and shipping!)  I have gotten so many emails from fans who love and miss Michael requesting that I sell a few more books, so I ordered more.  I am so honored that Michael's fans are spreading the truth about his innocence.  Thank you!  Love you all!  AJ

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today on!! About Michael Jackson.

The Show on June 23rd 2010 will be a tribute to Michael Jackson as its the 1 year Anniversary of his passing, I saw your show on Michael and though how wonderful it was to see a lot of people on his side. So with that said though we might have you in studio at, Internet-Radio-TV and have some of the people you had on your show either call in or skype in for a discussion about the life of Michael Jackson.

To Watch People Just go to  they can watch and chat there or call in at 1-800-hey dude with questions and comments. It will air wednesday june 23, 2010 7-9 pm est

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael Jackson episode preview on Thrusday, April 22, 2010!

Just a reminder - Thursday, April 22, 2010 - my show - True Crime with Aphrodite Jones covers the Menendez Brothers' murder of their parents in Beverly Hills.  During that episode, you will get to the the first trailer of the Michael Jackson episode.  Please help me spread the word through the Michael Jackson community.  Thank you so much!

For more information:

True Crime on Investigation Discover

xo  AJ

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To anyone who wants to see more about MJ in a positive light: I have asked to do a 2-hour special on Michael Jackson, separate and apart from the hour that will air on TRUE CRIME.  The TV Special will focus mainly on Michael, the man, and his life in secret isolation with his 3 children... there's a lot no one knows... and I can shine the light on MJ... I truly believe there are lessons to be learned from Michael's life that can teach us all about humility, patience, and grace, especially in the face of tremendous adversity.

I need your support, so Discovery will give me a chance to "let loose" with e new MJ special. 

So please please watch TRUE CRIME tonight... and email me your comments and thoughts about my interviewing techniques, or the flow of the show, just anything so I can get your feedback!  You can post your thoughts here; on my Facebook pages; or on my Twitter site:

True Crime on Facebook ! Aphrodite Jones on Facebook  !  Twitter  !  Email me

BTW the MJ hour I did will air in April (end of April). Ican't wait to see your response to my giving JACKSON my full support, and showing the world he was "framed" and mistreated by a bad judicial system and a tireless media machine.  
I Hope to hear from a bunch of you tonight!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I watched the Oscars last night and was enjoying the show, when suddenly, the moment for remembering past stars and entertainment execs came upon us. As the images popped on screen, and James Taylor performed, I started to hold my breath a bit, wondering if Michael Jackson would be acknowledged. He did have Thriller, perhaps the greatest video of all time, and then there is THIS IS IT. But still, I felt the Academy might snub him. It's funny to think that I would worry about Michael so much, yet I do...  And I know that many of his fans worry about Michael, because of all the allegations and rubbish that he was dealt in his lifetime, and the tarnish that still exists on his legacy. Many of us still fight for his name, even though his brilliance as an entertainer is now being acknowledged. Many of us try to break through the media "wall" to get to our friends and family who sill have their doubts about MJ, who seem permanently brainwashed by the media bombardment of the past 20 years. I will say one thing: Michael was a King of great magnitude... he was not only the King of Pop. As the Academy reminded us last night during the Oscars, MJ was a King of Arts and Science as well. For many of us, those attributes mean so much. But even more, I think his fans remember Micheal for something people rarely acknowledge: Michael was a King of kindness. That may seem corny... that may seem stupid to say... but I watched his humility and chronicled his kind deeds worldwide. And my own tribute to Michael, as I try to remember everyday of my life, is to learn from him. Actually, it's quite difficult to mirror the "Man in the Mirror." It's hard to be more loving, to be more forgiving, and to show acts kindness to strangers. Yet Michael did this everyday, even in the face of public humiliation and mockery. I may be taking a chance of being too "mushy" with these remarks, but I just need to say to Michael, THANK YOU for setting the bar so high.