Monday, January 25, 2010

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones starts March 11 @ 10 PM ET

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones
Ten-Part Series Premieres
Thursday, March 11 at 10 PM (ET)

on Investigation Discovery - ID
(check your cable guide listings)

True Crime with Aphrodite JonesUnlike those before her, crime reporter and renowned author Aphrodite Jones conducts her own investigations into some of the most enduring and baffling mysteries of our time. Each episode of TRUE CRIME WITH APHRODITE JONES presents a high-profile case - from the Michael Jackson conspiracy to the never captured Zodiac Killer - where Jones presents compelling evidence and theories that allows viewers to rethink their past perceptions of these crimes. Each episode revisits the complete story but also uncovers surprising, often overlooked details that connect the dots in new and unexpected ways. As an expert storyteller, Jones is passionate and immerses herself in each story, often landing pivotal interviews and extraordinary access. This is her life's work, presented in a gripping, fast-paced, contemporary series.

Contact - Deborah Gottschalk, Publicist
Phone:     240.662.2930

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To All MJ fans who have graciously offered to translate MJC:

To All MJ fans who have graciously offered to translate MJC:

First, I want to say that Micahel has the best best fans on the planet -- people who truly care about him who just want to tell the truth, without caring about payments, time constraints, or enormous amounts of work. The MJ fans who have reached out to me don't want anything other than fairness. This kind of loyalty is a testament to Micahels' love and his ability to reach out to hearts all over the world. I really appreciate the attempts by MJ fans and people who want the truth known -- who offer to translate MJC into their native languages all over the world. Just for the record, MJC is now being published in: Japan, China, Taiwan, France, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Canada, and Romania. However, legally, no single individual can translate my book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy. There must be written permission, and I cannot allow any translations to be written, even for personal use, without a foreign publishing company being involved. All translations of MJC must be approved through a foreign publisher who has a signed contract with myself and iUniverse. MJC is still under the control of iUniverse. I wish to thank those few brave people who want to spread the word of Michael's innocence.... I do appreciate the offers, and I know the time and labor that this type of project would involve. It's a wonderful offer that people are making, and believe me, I would love to see this book printed in places like Germany and Brazil, Spain, and Korea, and all of the countries on the Earth. Nonetheless, for the sake of legal issues, it's just not possible for my to give my permission, since iUniverse insists that any and all translations must be done via contract.

Thank you for caring,
and for loving Michael...

Aphrodite Jones