Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The disgrace behind the scenes

For months MJ fans have been asking me to respond to the biased reporting of Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond during the Jackson trial (which seems to continue to this day). Fans want to know why these biased reporters have not been called to task for being irresponible with the facts -- for allegedly having agendas to try to destroy Michael Jackson.

First -- let me remind everyone that Diane Dimond was fired by Court TV immediately following the Not Guilty Verdicts in the 2005 Jackson trial.
Other than appearing on Nancy Grace's show to trash Jackson -- Dimond has not been seen on TV much - her career seems to be over. I will also say that Dimond's book was a flop -- and the rumor that she had a deal with Sneddon to gain exclusive access to take photos and footage of MJ behind bars -- well that's hearsay and also a moot point.....

As for Nancy Grace --who was able to launch her successful CNN show staring with the coverage of the Jackson trial -- she is loved by many and hated at the same time. Her reportage is so slanted -- it borders on criminal at times. That's just my opinion -- but there was a woman who killed herself after Grace made unfair accusations so I think that speaks volumes about Grace.

Also - just to set the record striaght about Nancy Grace's tactics -- she constantly referred to 2 books that. MJ had -- these books showing photos of boys were taken from MJ's ranch in 1993 and were held by Sneddon for 10 years to use as evidence. Grace had to know thay -- one thing she's not is stupid. But Grace reffered to these books repeatedly because it made for ratings and served her pro-prosuction agenda. What a shame that she is allowed to spew venom with no counter points being made against her. CNN should be more fair. That's just my opinion.

PS: I have the new copy of EBONY and Michael looks better than ever. What do they say? Looking good is the best revenge! MJ is a winner -- a man of

No one can stop his genius!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sneddon and Allegations

In the next 10 days I will be arriving to LA to do a book signing of MJC for the Malibu Bar Association and also will do 2 public book signings with Tom Mesereau in Santa Barbara on Nov 17th and 18th. I am very honored that Tom Mesereau has agreed to join me. we will both answer questions from MJ fans and the public in general, and I am looking forward to these events -- a DJ has offered to come play Michael's music at both Borders and Barnes & Noble and I've requested the the DJ play love songs and ballads, so that's cool.

However, there's a very "sticky" issue I've now brought up about SNEDDON in 2 interviews that will soon be coming out in the Santa Barbara News-Press and the Santa Barbara Independent.
In these articles I assert the following:

1) In my opinion Tom Sneddon is a racist.

2) Tom Sneddon knew that he had no case, Mesereau went to him prior to the trial and told him that the accusers had a past with J.C. Penny, therefore Sneddon wasted millions of taxpayer dollars trying a case he knew was bogus.

3) Tom Sneddon brought a criminal trial against Michael Jackson because he's a publicity hound; he just wanted the whole world to be watching him. If Sneddon won, and to try to assure this, Sneddon threw in every charge he could think of including the ridiculous conspiracy charges, then Sneddon's name would be up in lights in legal circles around the world.

4) Sneddon called movie star Chris Tucker a "boy" when Tucker was on the stand and the whole courtroom went silent. Later, Mesereau asked the jury what they thought about that "comment"and jurors said they were offended by it. I recall when Sneddon said "be a good boy" to Chris Tucker, and the whole courtroom went silent!

5) I have recently been flooded with e mails that make allegations against Sneddon and the DA's office in Santa Barbara, claiming the whole place is corrupt. I have tried to ignore these repeated claims, but last night I received some very interesting documentation from someone who claims to have been steam-rolled by Sneddon and others at the Santa Barbara DA's office.

In light of the new "look" the public is taking at DAs across the country, with Nifong being sent to jail and stripped of his power because of the bogus Duke Rape case, with the DA in Louisiana causing a huge protest over racial bias when nooses were hung under a tree in his jurisdiction and he charged only the black kids, not the while kids... well ...let's just say I'm taking a very close look at these new allegations against Sneddon and also am going back to some of the others who repeatedly claimed that Sneddon used "unfair practices," alleging that he abused his power as a DA.

Of course, I prove that Sneddon had an agenda in MJC, and I also assert that he was "working behind the scenes" with certain reporters (namely Diane Diamond) in order to convict MJ in the court of public opinion.

I'm still excited about doing book signings in Santa Barbara...but a part of me cringes to think what the DA will do. When Sneddon reads his local papers with explosive allegations from me, will he come to the book store to make trouble? Will he send cops to look for me to try to give me a speeding ticket or harass me? ?
Of course, I doubt it, and I certainly hope not.

But the thought has crossed my mind.

And then it occurred to me that suddenly, I know how Michael feels about Santa Barbara. I know why he won't return to Neverland, and I doubt he ever will. If I'm not comfortable staying in that county for just one weekend, I can only imagine how Jackson feels...he's been run out of his home.

If anyone has information about Tom Sneddon they would like to share, things that have not been mentioned in the news before, please write to me at :


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where's the Truth in All This? More people accuse Jackson

Hi MJ fans and friends!

I recently went on an Emmy Award-winning show, "It's Your Call" with Lynn Doyle. I went on to discuss the book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy and was told that there would be a half hour "debate" with an anti MJ person. WELL -- the woman who came on to fight with me, Dr. Carol Leiberman, is the same woman who filed a plea with the California Child Protective Services Agency, requesting that Michael Jackson's children be taken away from him!

This woman said she was a psychiatrist and repeatedly insisted that MJ's children were in danger. I asked her what made her think that SHE knew about Michael's children being in danger. She said it was her job to know and insisted that I didn't know anything about the law. I told her that I DO know the law and pointed out that she filed all these "charges" against MJ back in 2003 and nothing ever came of it...

Dr. Leiberman was dumbfounded. I also asked her how she could make an assessment of Michael Jackson when she is not HIS psychiatrist. In fact, it turns out that she doesn't even know the man! In my opinion, this shrink is just a publicity hound, similar to Gloria Allred -- yikes!

Like many others out there, Dr. Leiberman is a person with an agenda to "kill off" the career of MJ. By the way, the first thing that came out of her mouth on the show last week was: "the only conspiracy I see is a conspiracy you might with Jackson's people." She was implying that I was only trying to sell books.

What about the truth!??? Does that not count for anything with these MJ haters??? These people are so one-sided and they are out for his blood -- and why??

Because they want their own name up in lights, using the King of Pop to try to propel themselves into the spotlight...that's how I see it, and it's truly sickening. I will say this: have been accused of many things, but at least I know that everyone who actually has read my book knows that I'm sincere. I wrote this from my heart and I come from a place of integrity. People who read the book see that.

I'm hopeful that Michael knows about my new book, but can assure people that he has had no involvement with it -- whatsoever. In fact, I wish Michael would take a more active role and stand up for himself, and maybe even embrace this book, because the media is so biased against him!

People can do things to fight the negative public image the media machine keeps putting out there! I hear that Michael is planning to attend Jesse Jackson's 66th Birthday party in the near future. Jesse Jackson is on a crusade right now, talking about the unfairness in "who controls" the media and the need for more ethnic people to be a part of the media overall. So the crusade is a good one to follow, as it will benefit anyone who cares about the fairness in the media...whether it's Jackson related is not the only issue. The issue is that the media is slanted. I proved this in my book -- and people need to wake up to that.

Michael Jackson was a target-- not only of a DA with a vendetta, but of a media machine that presented him as being guilty in the "court of public opinion" while his trial was underway. It's really unfair (and backward) that the media chooses to ignore all the "Not Guilty" verdicts that came down in Santa Maria in 2005. For many people in the media, it's all about ratings, and they try to make it look like the "NOT GUILTY" verdicts never happened...Media people just want to keep talking trash about MJ, and I hear there's a new British documentary that just came out, basically calling MJ all kinds of names and using Diane Diamond as a major source. Geeze -- that's really a bad thing -- considering that Court TV fired Diamond just days after MJ's trial ended -- her career is failing -- and her book never sold! How can ANYONE use this biased reporter as a major source?? Don't they know this is slanted journalism?? I wish someone could call an ethics committee in England and report these folks. I met these novice documentary makers briefly (at Tom Mesereau's office in LA) and they were feeding him a line of BS about them doing a positive documentary about Michael. they are fakes and I was there to watch them in person!!

I ASK A FAVOR: Whoever is able, please go to the "Ethical Standards" committee that oversees TV in the UK and file a report against these people who came out with a new doc about a week ago. By the way, Martin Bashir was brought before this same "ethics" committee about three times (before he did the famous MJ doc with Gavin Arvizo in the scene). I wrote about all of this in my book -- but back in 2002 -- when Bashir convinced MJ that he was going to do a documentary that would be flattering, no one knew about the "unfair practices" martin Bashir had been accused of in the past...

Aphrodite Jones