Saturday, February 20, 2010

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Here is the promo for my new show True Crime with Aphrodite Jones,which starts Tuesday, March 11, 2010, on ID (Investigation Discovery.)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Explanation of the charges against Dr. Murray

Because I have had so many requests, and because so many hearts are broken over Michael's death, I will try to explain, the best I can, what I understand about the charges against Dr. Murray and try to address the requests for harsher charges. First, let me be clear, that this is only my opinion, based on the years I have worked with the criminal justice system in the US. Most fans feel, and perhaps rightfully so, that Conrad Murray should have been charged with a crime harsher than Manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson. I myself, being an expert in true crime, wanted to see a charge of Second Degree Murder. But here is a fact we must all deal with: the harsher the charge, the more impossible it is to prove in a court of law. That's the reality. It's the system in the USA. The innocent must be proven guilty. If you bring a stronger charge, such as Second Degree Murder, then you must prove, beyond a doubt, that Dr. Murray acted with "wanton disregard for human life." Now, I myself, feel the doctor crossed the line and DID display a wanton disregard for human life when he left Michael alone for almost an hour while Michael was sedated on propofol, etc. But here's the ugly truth: if ONE juror decided that Murray's actions were not "wanton" -- were not "deliberate" -- the man (Dr. Murray) would walk free... The LADA knows this all too well. The LADA does not want another OJ situation. The only way to make Conrad Murray pay is to charge him lightly and prove that lighter charge beyond a reasonable doubt. It may not seem like justice to MJ fans... but let's face it, will anything help the wounded hearts left in Michael's wake? Will anything be good enough? Isn't what we really want, is to bring Michael back? Let's ask ourselves, seriously, what the best result can be of the Murray trial? Perhaps it is to put that doctor behind bars, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, to strip Murray of his license and his dignity... And BTW, to the many who request that MEZ (Mesereau) get involved, I have asked him about that. MEZ reminded me that he is a criminal defense attorney. He is not the prosecutor and his role, therefore, would be on the OTHER side of the table. He would never stand up for Murray, of course. But Mez also cannot speak for, or add to, the LADA's battle against Dr. Conrad Murray.

I hope this clears up some of the pain and confusion surrounding Michael's death and the upcoming trial against Dr. Murray.


See Tom Mesereau's explanation on this:
Murder Charges for Dr. Conrad Murray?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray's visit to Michael's grave ...

Beleaguered Doc Tries to Visit Michael Jackson Grave

Let me make an observation about Dr. Murray going to visit Michael’s final resting place at Forrest Lawn in Los Angeles, because for me, I was beyond horrified to learn about this creepy gesture. It's one thing for those close to Michael to go see him, to go and try to speak to the dead. We all do this with our loved ones who pass, in some form or another. But Michael was not a "loved one" in the world of Conrad Murray, now, was he? In his own twisted mind, Conrad Murray wants us to believe that he loved Michael?? What???? The man is in complete denial. Not now, and not ever, will Conrad Murray be forgiven for what caused Michael's death. Perhaps he has forgotten about his role as a paid professional in Michael Jackson's life, but the rest of the world hasn't. The idea that, just before the Doc will be charged with criminal actions, just before turning himself in to law enforcement, Murray would make a gesture to go see Michael beyond the grave... is just sickening. It's unfathomable to me that this doctor has actually convinced himself that he "cared" about Michael. The idea that Murray felt he had to go "see" Michael, has me perplexed. Was he there to ask Michael for forgiveness? To ask God for direction? To seek some sense of comfort?

It's impossible to know what goes through someone's head, but it strikes me as very odd, that, just as Murray is about to fight a criminal charge for Michael's death, he would make a "private pilgrimage" to the cemetery. Why in the world would Murray let everyone speculate on what must be his own sense of guilt? I suppose he wants people not to hate him. I have to believe that part of his trip to the cemetery was self-serving. Murray wants people to believe that he cared about Michael and, moreover, that he considered Michael his friend. It's weird to realize that Conrad Murray must have felt that he was helping Michael... Where is this doctor's professional sensibility? What about the oath he took? This man is the ULTIMATE hypocrite. I MEAN, Is he for real??? His pilgrimage to Forrest Lawn was irrational, insane, and unforgivable. Not God, not Michael, not a sense of guilt.... will help Murray get through a grueling criminal trial and the media deluge that will soon be upon him.... Make no mistake: Conrad Murray should have stayed as far away from Michael's resting place as humanly possible. The notion that he feels guilty or sorry or wanted to pay his respects to Michael.... is just not acceptable.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Michael Jackson / Teen Violence

As for Dr. Conrad Murray's recent arrival in LA to prepare to turn himself in to LAW ENFORCEMENT.... all I can say for the moment is... we are all ready to see justice... but is anyone ready for the defense who will pull out every stop to try to drag Michael through the mud again? You do realize that every drug he ever took; every doctor he ever saw; every alias he ever used... will all be dragged out in the courtroom when Murray goes on trial. So brace yourselves! I will continue to make limited comments on this, but truly, until I have facts to report, I don’t want to further speculate.

On another note, I thought the show on Teens Who Kill (Too Young to Kill on E! last night) was a necessary evil.... exposing the angst and destruction that fills the youth of America... For those who are MJ fans, please know that this is exactly the type of thing that weighed on his mind, and this was something he wanted to try to help change... That's why Michael wanted to create an international children's holiday (which was the WHOLE reason he agreed to let Bashir film that documentary!) Michael hated violence and that was why he sheltered his kids (even more so than his distrust for the media, he didn't want his kids to be a part of the violent adult world that so many kids have fallen into. In fact, Michael felt all the violence in kids came from neglect, and I know this to be true in many cases.

The E! Special on teens touched on numerous interviews with teen killers, which gave us an idea of the mindlessness of teen violence. For myself, when I did the prison interview with Rod Ferrell, the self-proclaimed vampire who started a cult, I discovered a group of lost kids who were all looking for acceptance, for someone to think they were 'special." As I watched this 2-hour special on these most horrific crimes, all I could think to myself was: I wish none of these crimes ever happened...

One reason I wrote the two teen violence books featured in the special, was to expose the turbulent world teens inhabit, in the hopes that this type of needless violence would be prevented... that schoolhouse shootings, for example, would be put to an end. Yet, after watching the show, I feel helpless now, more than ever... knowing that we are faced with an even more violent world... Can that really be true?

What happened to the idea that we could HEAL the world? What became of the Wonder Bread years that my generation grew up in? We didn't know anything about guns or knives in our homes or our schools... We were sheltered... Many of you know a world where children could be children.... It was Michael, however, who had no childhood to speak of... What a very, very sad comment to think that the one person who devoted himself to keeping innocence in the world.... is no longer here to speak out. More than ever, we need to wake up and take on Michael’s cause to help children in America, and around the world. Remember the children, for they inherit the Earth, and look to Michael's children, to help lead by example.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray returns to LA to await his fate

Both E! Entertainment News ( Michael Jackson Doc Returns to Surrender? ) and TMZ ( Conrad Murray -- Waiting for the Call ) are reporting that Dr. Conrad Murray is in Los Angeles ready to surrender when charges are lodged agasint him in the death of Michael Jackson.  As of 8:30 am Pacific Time, (Feb. 3, 2010) the LA District Attorney's Office has not issued a warrant. 

TMZ reports:  "The L.A. County District Attorney's Office has told Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers they will call just before Dr. Murray is charged with the death of Michael Jackson and a surrender will take place almost immediately thereafter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ."

Your thoughts?

Monday, February 1, 2010

My thoughts on the MJ tribute at the Grammys

I have not been able to get Michael and his kids off my mind today. Ever since he died, I have had a feeling that Michael's children would wind up being his voice... and last night, Prince and Paris proved me right. It was amazing to see how much they have "grown up" in just 7 months. They are still so young, yet speak with the wisdom of the ages. Michael instilled this "world vision" in his three children, I know that for a fact. I also believe that "Blanket," who we will soon be calling Prince Michael, or perhaps Prince II, will also follow in his father's footsteps, spreading a message of LOVE and hope throughout the world. Last night, the song and tribute to MJ was "out of this world." Many of you have asked me what I thought about the Grammys tribute to Michael....

First of all, I felt it was long overdue. Second of all< I wished Michael could have been alive to have been there himself, in person, and third of all, I hope that when all is said and done, the naysayers will look at his talent and his incredible contribution to our universe. It is going to sound silly, perhaps, but I will tell you that, for me, as I watched the video and the song being performed, I felt Michaels' spirit... Perhaps most everyone did, I don't know. For me, as I listened and took it all in, it was almost as if Michael was there, in person, and at times, his voice boomed louder than those of some of the greatest singers who stood on stage, performing live.

I hope this tribute and the appearance of Prince and Paris will give some solace to all of Michael's fans. When the whole Grammy audience stood up, I realized that Michael's day as the King of Pop had been restored. Even if only for a moment, it seemed the whole world took notice of his greatness and his power. Now, if we could only focus on the love and the "Earth" messages Michael shared... we could all make this world a better place.
Thank you ALL, for caring about Michael, for loving him, in death, as much as you did in life!