Friday, October 30, 2009

My thoughts on the movie THIS IS IT

I went to see THIS IS IT on opening night. I had heard a few good things... but I was not sure if Michael was really "all there" or what. I was a bit nervous for him, just a tinge, as I waited for the movie teasers to end. Then, to my glee -- to my utter glee -- Michael appeared on that stage in all his glory. Even without the costumes, even without the make-up and hair done, and even without the full backdrop -- he showed himself to be in better shape than ever... to have a singing voice that was in top form... and to have an ability to dance that was, well, nothing shy of stunning. His entire being was shining throughout the rehearsals.... It was like having an inside glimpse into his private "work" world -- watching him create and polish his performance to every last detail. I sat in awe. I sat in wonderment. I KNEW he had it... I knew he was still king...  but not until I saw it with my own eyes, could I rest assured that I was right, and the media nay-sayers were making things up about him.

With THIS IS IT, Michael Jackson will take his rightful place in history as the KING of all entertainers ...not just the King of Pop.  At least, that is my opinion. There was just no denying, as you watched him, that Michael was transcending the stage in every way -- creating a transcendental experience for the audience through his music, his lyrics, and his dance. I was transfixed as I watched. The only time I waivered was when I thought about his death... and what the world has lost in no longer being able to see him in person. I also thought about his children, and was saddened to know that this film is really the only time they will ever see Michael perform.

He did it -- these concerts -- because he wanted his kids to see him perform... But now, all they are left with -- is a film image. Still, the performances, the humanity of Michael, the ability to work so well with others, and most of all --  his humble spirit -- carried me back into the magic of his performances, and made me forget, for a few moments, that Michael was gone. All I really kept thinking was: He is it -- he IS a King. He's magical. He's better than all the rest of them... That ran through my mind the whole time I watched... and in the end, I walked out knowing, in my heart, that I love Michael Jackson, that though his music, he will always live.

I want the whole world to go see this film.... and I will shout from the rooftops... Michael Jackson is the single greatest performer who ever lived. THIS IS IT gives us proof of his genius, his perfection, his timing, his clarity, his greatness, and beyond all else, his sense of love for all things living on this planet.

Michael, I love you -- and I am so sorry that you were misunderstood in your lifetime. The people who are out there calling you a drug addict and sneering at your name, still, should be ashamed of themselves. In death, you have showed them all -- that like a Phoenix -- you can rise from the ashes. I know you are looking down at all of us from heaven now, and I think you're giving us a wink and a smile.     

Monday, October 26, 2009

To all Michael Jackson fans on the eve of the THIS IS IT Premiere

To all of Michael Jackson's fans, I want to say that, first, I have been overwhelmed with grief about Michael's death, as I know so many if us are. The fact that we don't have any "reasonable" answers, that he was taken from us so quickly and so shockingly, makes matters even worse. In all this time, I have pondered why Michael was taken and why his life was ended in June, of all months. It may be silly of me to think this, but I can't help seeing the slight connection for us to make about Michael passing in this particular month... After all, it was in JUNE of 2005 that Michael Jackson was fully exonerated and found to be an innocent man in a court of law in California. Yet, for the last four years of his life, and for many years prior to that, Michael was confronted will the false reputation of being a child molester. He died trying to restore his image, and in my opinion, while he planned a great comeback, Michael still suffered from a broken heart. How that label must have weighed on his very sensitive soul. The man could not seem to shake the rabid media from tying to demonize him, and he was forced to live as a "nomad" for years after that harrowing criminal trial in Santa Maria. How horrific that had to be for him, for his family, and for his children... Michael tried to shield his babes from the world, but he knew all too well that the day would come where they too, would be confronted with the specter of the ugly allegations. Now, as we reflect on the King of Pop, and pay tribute to this man of awe-inspiring talent, we must realize too, that people need to learn the truth, once and for all -- about Michael's innocence. Many of you have written from all over the world, letting me know that my book, MJC, is not available in other countries, and that MJC is not even available in bookstores in the USA. It is, as a response to your interest, that I have decided to make a few signed copies of Michael Jackson Conspiracy available. I do want the truth to win out, as I know we all do... But without having the proof to arm ourselves, well, it becomes an uphill battle against people who show no mercy or concern over the media's ability to twist facts and destroy a reputation.... I hope that any of you who decide to contact me, and request a signed copy of MJC, will also do Michael the honor of reaching out to the cynical folks around you... Do it for Michael, and remember that all this adulation about his "Greatness" comes a day late and a dollar short. People revere him now, true, as they should. But why does everyone stay away from the "elephant in the room" and leave so many minds to continue to wonder about his ethics and morals as a human being? Michael Jackson was an angel. Sent to us to heal the world and bring us all together as one color, one people. Somehow, his message got overshadowed by folks who had a mission to tear him down. Michael did not deserve this, and his fans know that. I ask you all then, KNOWING the truth, to help restore this "King" back to his rightful place. Michael Jackson deserves a solid reputation in death....even though he may have not enjoyed one in life. Please, please, spread the word... and know that you are helping people see through spoon fed media agendas, and are helping a loving soul to be paid the full RESPECT he deserves.

Enjoy the show (for those who plan to attend.)

My Comments on E! Investigates - Michael Jackson (air date 10/15/2009):

I felt that sinking feeling as I continued to watch, knowing that I agreed to appear. The first thing that popped to my mind, was ... Diane Dimond.... acting like she maybe cared about Michael? I was absolutely shocked. And then, of course, her true colors were revealed by the end of the show. I know Michael would have felt betrayed. What were they thinking? I don't have a clue. Was there any "investigating" on that show? Perhaps I missed it. Sure there were some touching comments from the Reverend Al Sharpton and from Michael's manager, Frank DeLio. What was uncovered? In my opinion, it was a re-hashing of news clips already reported about Michael's death. And what about the secret "sources" of some of the commentators? Who are they, I wonder? Hmmmm. And, BTW, if I didn't know better, I'd say that home footage of Michael and his kids, was somehow too similar to the footage once shot by Martin Bashir. Can anyone say, "eerie coincidence?"