Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The media tries to win by tearing Michael down

The media wants to pretend that the book, Michael Jackson Conspiracy, isn't for real. I will appear on FOX this Thursday and expect to be put in the hot seat by Bill O'Reilly who will certainly attack the veracity of the book. I hope that people watching will realize that Michael Jackson has been a victim of the media for many years. And more importantly, I hope viewers will get the message that the media STILL wants to build their ratings by tearing Michael (and other celebs) down. This trend includes the trashing (or ignoring) of my new book, which by the way, Nancy Grace has refused to acknowledge -- period. I find that particularly ironic, since Nancy Grace launched her own CNN show on Michael's back -- using the Jackson trial as the original content for her blabber.


Been Told said...

I guess hypocracy is nothing new in the media, though it sickens me every time I see it.
It would be one thing if the likes of Nancy Grace didn't realize they were being greedy and disgusting. But the thing is, they know it but don't care.

Good luck with this effort of shining a light in the darkness. :)

gilesmic said...

I think I would die of shock if Nancy (dis)Grace acknowledged the book... or at least run to the window to watch the pigs fly by.

I'll definitely be tuning in on Thursday. It should be interesting.

ontheline4mj said...

Good luck! Of course O'Racist (that's what we like to call him) is going to shout over you and probably not let you get in a word edge wise, but perhaps you can get out memorable words to support your book...you know kinda like how the media is always getting out those biased words against MJ...bizarre, weird, etc....mmmhmmm...yes we notice it's a common practice amongst the "media". Good luck again, and hopefully you'll be able to get on other shows...you should try Larry King (which I'm sure you are already trying to get on), and perhaps the Steve Harvey Show (he does morning radio and is a major supporter of Michael's...), and maybe some other urban morning shows. I think that would be one of the best ways because people are driving to work at that time and are usually listening to the radio...just a thought! :)

nicolelusmjj84 said...

I wish you all the luck in the world when dealing with that jerk! You are doing a positive thing and that's exposing the truth. Thank you for trying to help reveal the media's plan in trying to discredit and destroy Michael Jackson's name. I have ordered your book and can't wait to read it.:-)

Keep up the excellent work, the truth is always the best policy!

Much Respect,


Austin, TX

shiva said...

The large media businesses in america are trying to keep good public relations. So what they do when it comes to almost anything is figure out what the majority of people believe and then report on a story in a way that won't get the majority of people upset with the media business. If the public majority in america was on Michael's side then the major media would be on michael's side. It's all about keeping people watching or reading in order to sell adverstising. If people think a media outlet is lying to them then they won't watch or read that media outlet. Truth has nothing to with how the media handles stories. If most people believe an untruth to be true then the media will report on that untruth as if it is true.

Check out my blog on michael.

buffy said...

Shiva, you're wrong. Majority of people think Michael is innocent. The media runs on slander, not public opinion. The more they can slander someone the more airtime, especially for FOX and CourtTV.

Linda74 said...

I just want to say THANK YOU for doing this and I also agree you should try to go on Larry King Live because I am afraid on Fox nobody will ever listen and they might cut your mic or whatever just to shut you down..

shiva said...

buffy I don't know where you live or how much you are exposed to the views of the american public, so your comment may be correct if you refer to somewhere other then the U.S (and maybe Canada and Australia). The masses outside of America probably are more disposed to believe in Michael and support him rather then the opposite. But in America it is not like that. From my experience on a huge number of internet blogs, from the largest on down, whenever Michael is mentioned at least 90% of all comments by the public on the blogs are extremely hateful and vile. Whenever Michael is mentioned on television talk shows with audiences the audience reaction is always overwhelmingly negative towards Michael.

America has developed a large class of people who are extremely judgemental in a vicious manner towards celebrities, not just Michael. I see it as a particularly American psychological phenomena because you don't see the intense celebrity hating mass psychology in other countries. In America celebrities are looked at by a large section of the population in a very enviable fashion. There is this strange dichotomy of celebrity worship mixed with real palpable envy which can quickly and easily turn into vicious hatred if the celebrity doesn't conform to certain expectations.

The worship and admiration turns into intense hatred and spite for the most ridiculous reasons. Many people develop hateful feelings for celebrities over things that if the same things were done by friends and family would be viewed as inconsequential and not worthy of hating someone over. Celebrities are seen as ordinary people who by chance have become like demigods. The biggest religion in America is celebrity worship. But they worship with deep seated jealousy and bitterness towards their own lack of "good fortune" and their objects of worship do not give them what they would like from them i.e friendship and love. I'm not counting diehard fans of celebrities, I'm counting what the mass of people feel towards celebrities in general in America.

What happened with Michael happened in stages. First Michael was adored by everyone for a long time. Then when it became clear that he wasn't behaving like an average person who leads an average lifestyle, gradually more and more people began to see him as odder and odder. So then when the first child abuse allegation came out the mass of people were willing to believe he could be guilty because they saw Michael as odd, and they believe that children wouldn't lie like that. Then their inherent envy and jealousy of celebrities directed them to think the worst of Michael because envy and jealousy are hurtful emotions. The cause of those hurtful emotions become subconsciously hated. More and more people became convinced that Michael was abusing children which in America is seen as a horrific crime done by evil people. This belief was not caused by the media, it was caused by the first allegations, but the media did nothing to verify the truth of those allegations and did everything to fan the flames of suspicion.

Paris Hilton is a perfect example of this mass celebrity psychology in action. If she wasn't rich and famous then the people who know her wouldn't be cheering for her to be thrown in jail or laughing at her and generally being vicious and hateful towards her. People are not like that to other ordinary people they know (excluding convicted criminals). But because she is so rich and famous she is viciously hated by so many. It's because she is causing them subconscious pain by making ordinary people very jealous of her good fortune. She is the pinnacle cause of intense hatred for celebrity because she seems to have the ultimate good fortune. She didn't have to do anything but be born to be super rich, and all she had to do was party to become super famous. Simply by that she became hated by a large section of Americans.

The reason we don't see the intense celebrity mass hating phenomena in other countries is because other countries for the most part have traditional cultures which occupy peoples minds and lives. Celebrities in other cultures are entertaining side shows within rich traditional cultures. America (and Canada and Australia) does not have a rich traditional culture. America makes it's culture out of television, movies, pop music, big time sports and celebrities. Instead of those things being entertaining side shows within a wider traditional culture, in America they are the center of cultural development and the sine qua non of the cultural zietgiest.

What happened with Michael also happened with Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, etc. The biggest celebrities become the target of the most hate because they cause the most amount of envy. Each one of those celebrities was loved enmasse and worshipped. It didn't take much to make most people in America turn on Tom, Paris, and Britney. It took a lot to make them turn on Michael because he was the most worshipped and he gave more entertainment pleasure then other celebrities to the public at large. But he is now also the most viciously hated. The media has decided to ride the wave of popular hatred for celebrities in order to make a buck rather then then try to behave with integrity and follow journalistic ethics. Once it is decided by a majority of people that they hate a celebrity then the media plays into that hatred in order to get viewers. If a majority of people liked Britney Spears today like they used to, then you wouldn't see talk show hosts making hateful jokes and spreading vicious gossip about her all of the time, you wouldn't see news and commentary in major media outlets be constantly hateful and belittling and vicious gossipers either. First the mass of people turn on a celebrity and then the media in all it's forms tries to entertain the mass of people by telling them what they want to hear. For many media people they do not make conscious decisions to target celebrities because the public has turned on them, rather they get caught up in the swirl of mass hate feeding most usually prompted and egged on by talk show hosts and bloggers who are tuned into public sympathies and who are consciously trying to use that budding hate for their own ratings, careers, etc.

Once the mass of people in America believe "they know" where a celebrity is at, the media becomes glued to fostering that conception. Most people then don't care enough about the truth to bother trying to figure things out on their own because they either don't care, or they are in someway invested in perpetuating lies for some type of media. e.g if you have something mean and untrue to say about a celebrity which nevertheless most people will find entertaining, then you follow the money.

MJJRealRealm said...

I caught your interview on Fox and I must say, you held your ground! Considering the time he gave you (less than 5 minutes!) and who you were dealing with, you were still able to get your points across ^5

I agree with ontheline4mj about the Steve Harvey Morning show.

Ellen Degeneres is a big MJ fan too, as well as Al Sharpton - Keepin' it Real(talk radio).

Best wishes & God bless,