Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fighting this uphill battle

Hi Dear Friends and Supporters!

I woke up to a voice today -- and found that I was scared and disoriented. For a moment, I didn't know where I was, or who was talking to me. I could hear a voice coming from the living room, but I was tucked away in my bed and still in my dreams. As I awoke, I went rushing toward the front of the house, and saw my future step son staring at me like I was a zombie. John Michael had entered my home with his own key -- having been directed by his father to get into the house. My fiancé, along with many other people, including my assistant Louis, had been trying to call me for hours. My fiancé was at his wit's end because he thought something horrible might have happened to me. For almost three hours, I was not answering the phones at home, on my cell, or on my Blackberry. For aIl intents and purposes, I was dead to the world.

Then, as soon as I was fully awake, I looked at my future step son, thanked him for checking on me, then saw the clock and freaked. I was in a panic and I said I needed to rush to the phone. Of course, it was too late when I got on the phone to tell Louis that I was so sorry. I knew I was too late -- it was already 4PM (EST) and I had missed the MJ chat event we'd been planning for such a long time. Louis was very gracious and said the Michael Jackson fans were gracious and understanding as well. When we hung up, I wrote a quick e-mail to Louis and asked him to forward it to any MJ fans who were still on the chat. Still, I felt awful. As I think about this crazy "non chat event" -- I realize that it takes more energy for me to write than I ever really like to admit.

As I write this blog, I'm looking down at my hands, only to see that the left hand is covered in blue ink. (Yes, I write on tablets with ink and legal pads quite often.) The writing that I have done to see Michael Jackson Conspiracy through to publication -- especially when no one wanted the book and I had to self publish, self edit, and self-proof the whole thing -- just took it's toll on me. I think the trip to Las Vegas to see JOE JACKSON was a great deal of fun -- but I also went there for the sake of the book, and all the work I continue to do each day in dealing with PR efforts and every promotional attempt under the sun -- takes it's toll on me as well.

It's hard fighting this uphill battle to bring justice for Michael. For starters, I'm tired of being told "NO" by Oprah, Dateline, 20/20, People Magazine, and others including: Montel Williams, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Steve Harvey, Larry Elder, Tavis Smiley, Howard Stern, and the list goes on.

I have asked people to suggest ideas for book events and Louis and I follow up on those ideas, virtually every day. We wanted to have a signing in Union Square, NYC, but that was shot down by executives at iUniverse. It seems that wherever we turn, we run into a road block. Joe Jackson told me he has experienced some of that type of "stonewalling" as well. Still, that does not help in our struggle to get the message of this book out to the public -- to prove to the world that THE MEDIA TWISTS THE TRUTH!

Again, I'm sending everyone my apologies for missing the live chat today -- for sleeping like the dead -- but I guess my body needed it, especially since the trip back from Vegas took 10 hours (don't ask) and landed me in JFK at 2:30 AM.

Peace and love!


Linda74 said...

Hi Aphrodite,

I am sorry to hear that it is so hard to promote the book even though I can´t say I´m suprised. It was the same thing with Geraldine Hughes book "Redemption". But I was wondering if you have tried Larry King. I did not see that you mentioned him. Pleas keep on fighting. This is a great book!

MJJRealRealm said...

I’m really surprised about some of them that don’t want to promote it.

You Are Not Alone. The fact that T-Mez, Papa Joe Jackson and fans support it speaks volumes!

Maybe some of ‘em will warm up to it once it’s in the stores and more people become
aware of it.

Much like the slow turn of the wheels of justice, the truth travels MUCH slower that the lies…

hang in there!

shiva said...

From the point of view of the producers of those shows they fear angering their audience by seeming to give credibility to the idea that Michael is not a deviant criminal. I am sure in Europe you would find a better reception, but since your book isn't out in various languages then you are limited to english speaking countries. America of course is the worst when it comes to public perception and so the tv shows don't want to upset people. The other english speaking countries are probably not much better then America, but they probably are better to varying degrees. I know that I saw recently on tv an american comic doing a gig in Ireland and he made a Michael joke about Michael liking young boys and the audience booed him pretty strongly. You definitely wouldn't see that in the U.S.

Maybe you should think about organizing a public rally in a very public place in NYC like central park. Try to get the Jackson family to attend and other celebrities and call out the troops. I am sure you could get tens of thousands of Michaels fans to show up, even have some bands and singers to play, have food and drinks. Make it a major event. I am sure it could be done by volunteers. That would definitely be covered by the major news media outlets. Give it some catchy provocative name like "Michael Jackson Truth Day". Maybe Michael will show up to the event if it is planned nicely and he is asked. If the media ignore you you have to make it very difficult for them to do so.

gilesmic said...

If there is anything the fans can do to help you get on a show or something, let us know, an email campaign or something.

I'm surprised people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton won't help, as they were perfectly happy to hang around the trial and leech off of MJ's suffering for their own publicity and face time.

I can't say I'm surprised at Oprah, she has been quite clear on her beliefs about Michael.

Steve Harvey though has always been supportive, I'm really surprised he has said "no".

There's got to be some way to get it out there though. Maybe we just need to send a copy to Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan and stage a photo of them reading it... or maybe beating it up with a baseball bat?

... said...

Jon Stewart, Colbert, Conan O'Brien. Some blog sites offer book ad space. Amanda Marcotte likes MJ and Bill O'Reilly reads it. http://pandagon.blogsome.com/

gilesmic said...

I think you should do a Q and A or something on one of the big fan sites, like MJNO or MJJF.

Many of the fans doubt your motives on this book and think you are just trying to make a buck off of Michael.

And now with supporters like Steve Harvey and Jesse Jackson etc. turning you down, fans think it is because they are trying to protect Michael from being taken advantage of by someone looking to make a quick buck.

If you want the fans to support you, to help promote the book, then I'd recommend joining MJNO or something like that and putting a stop to these rumors about your motives for the book. Fans like to talk sh*t but they will back down if you come face to face (or computer screen to computer screen) with them.

gilesmic said...

What about Ellen or Tyra's talk shows?

Or advertising in movie theaters or magazine ads?

cle-o said...

I agree with you, MEDIA TWISTS THE TRUTH !
But now, Aphrodite Jones makes it previal !


brnthsdiscout said...

hi aphrodite: i bought your book at amazon and should be getting it in the next few days. but i'm really shocked and disappointed that oprah, dateline *and even montel?? he's supposed to be so positive!!* and all these other news outlets won't even hear about your book. i don't understand why all this hate on michael jackson? but i agree with the other posters, try larry king. and even reveal all the media outlets that have turned you down. but al sharpton and jesse jackson?? i don't believe it! do you have a myspace or youtube acct.? cuz i know that can draw hundreds of people every day. pls. try to get on larry king then maybe everyone else will lighten up. good luck! and i look forward to reading your book.

brnthsdiscout said...

here's an idea: have you thought of going on andererson cooper? he's always talking about 'keepin' em honest. also, you're more than welcome to come over to mjnewsonline.com (admin.: paul) and mjeol.com (admin: whisper) and i know many fans will welcome your book. larry king would be a terrific choice and what about lou dobbs? i don't know if cnn has said no yet...but good luck! i'm looking forward to getting your book.

brnthsdiscout said...

Aloha from Hawaii:

I'm now on p.134 of your book and i would like to commend you for bringing forth a fair and balanced synopsis of the trial. You did an excellent job of taking the reader back in time and i felt like I was watching t-mez and sneddon do their cross-examining.

I thoroughly enjoy your book and wholeheartedly appreciate you showing the world what a giving and misunderstood person Michael Jackson is.

P.S.: Love all the mj'd chapter titles!

MayC said...

hi i'm from Australia ..im not sure if ur willing to travel here but i was thinking you should try contacting Rove McManus. He's one of the most popular television hosts in Australia, (but he is a comedian).
I know that his views are similar to ours, and im sure he'd be happy to promote something like this.
hope i was any help ?? ..Good luck with everything AJ!

MayC said...

hi i'm from Australia ..im not sure if ur willing to travel here but i was thinking you should try contacting Rove McManus. He's one of the most popular television hosts in Australia, (but he is a comedian).
I know as a fact that his views are similar to ours, so im sure he'd be happy to promote something like this.
Hope i was any help ??..Good luck with everything AJ!

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)