Friday, December 10, 2010

Autographed copies of Michael Jackson Conspiracy for sale - AGAIN!

Due to the enormous outpouring of love and support, and because the hardback is out of print, I am selling the high-end soft-back of Michael Jackson Conspiracy one more time before the holidays.  I am home for a short period of time, and I ordered another batch of books, which I can sign and ship in the next few days (I do the actual signing and shipping!)  I have gotten so many emails from fans who love and miss Michael requesting that I sell a few more books, so I ordered more.  I am so honored that Michael's fans are spreading the truth about his innocence.  Thank you!  Love you all!  AJ


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gesture. I have the hardback copy so I will have to pass up this wonderful offer. The economy sucks, lol. However, I am waiting for the day when I can meet you in person and have my copy signed. The book is the truth. Thanks for being willing to open your eyes to the real Michael Jackson and not be blinded by the media's portrayal of this wonderful human being.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Luacarol said...

We do have to thank you for writing about his innocence.

SandyK said...

I'd also like to say thank you for your important book!

Cassieformaxwell said...

I have the hardback copy, the original one, and am holding onto hope that one day I will get it signed in person. What you are doing for the fans, as you have done for Michael Jackson is highly commendable and in the true spirit of who he was. Keep shining your light, I'm sure Michael is watching all of us.


Dennis said...

Michael Jackson was and always will be the best performer of all times.
The world didn't always treat him fair and he had a rough life.
His music is still one of the most played tunes on tv, radio and broadcasting websites.
Now the critics wish they treated him better.

Grady said...

not sure how else to contact miss ex wife murdered her husband and the surrounding story is lifetime movie events for sure,if youd be interested in ghost writing or whatever its called please contact me

Anonymous said...

i will not see if you do drugs why anyone would be surprised ifyou die from them

Anonymous said...

It's not that simple. You trust your doctors to do right by you. I have three spinal diseases and have to sign a seven page contract to get my meds. My doctors are ALL on the up-n-up; I made sure of that.
Michael Jackson was taking prescription drugs. And while prescription drugs can and definitely ARE abused (hence the strict prescribing guidelines and patient contracts put in place by the DEA), it seems some doctors think they are above the law and prescribe whatever they wish, regardless of the risk, perhaps because they are greedy, power hungry, star struck, stupid, ...all of the above.

I think in THIS case, Jackson's doctors are to blame. (Full disclosure: I have not been an MJ fan since OFF THE WALL; just not my kind of music. Therefore, my statement regarding the drugs is purely from a patient point of view-- not a fan trying to save face for Michael.)

If you're prescribed ANY your homework, on the drugs AND the doctor.

--Bhakti ji