Monday, October 26, 2009

To all Michael Jackson fans on the eve of the THIS IS IT Premiere

To all of Michael Jackson's fans, I want to say that, first, I have been overwhelmed with grief about Michael's death, as I know so many if us are. The fact that we don't have any "reasonable" answers, that he was taken from us so quickly and so shockingly, makes matters even worse. In all this time, I have pondered why Michael was taken and why his life was ended in June, of all months. It may be silly of me to think this, but I can't help seeing the slight connection for us to make about Michael passing in this particular month... After all, it was in JUNE of 2005 that Michael Jackson was fully exonerated and found to be an innocent man in a court of law in California. Yet, for the last four years of his life, and for many years prior to that, Michael was confronted will the false reputation of being a child molester. He died trying to restore his image, and in my opinion, while he planned a great comeback, Michael still suffered from a broken heart. How that label must have weighed on his very sensitive soul. The man could not seem to shake the rabid media from tying to demonize him, and he was forced to live as a "nomad" for years after that harrowing criminal trial in Santa Maria. How horrific that had to be for him, for his family, and for his children... Michael tried to shield his babes from the world, but he knew all too well that the day would come where they too, would be confronted with the specter of the ugly allegations. Now, as we reflect on the King of Pop, and pay tribute to this man of awe-inspiring talent, we must realize too, that people need to learn the truth, once and for all -- about Michael's innocence. Many of you have written from all over the world, letting me know that my book, MJC, is not available in other countries, and that MJC is not even available in bookstores in the USA. It is, as a response to your interest, that I have decided to make a few signed copies of Michael Jackson Conspiracy available. I do want the truth to win out, as I know we all do... But without having the proof to arm ourselves, well, it becomes an uphill battle against people who show no mercy or concern over the media's ability to twist facts and destroy a reputation.... I hope that any of you who decide to contact me, and request a signed copy of MJC, will also do Michael the honor of reaching out to the cynical folks around you... Do it for Michael, and remember that all this adulation about his "Greatness" comes a day late and a dollar short. People revere him now, true, as they should. But why does everyone stay away from the "elephant in the room" and leave so many minds to continue to wonder about his ethics and morals as a human being? Michael Jackson was an angel. Sent to us to heal the world and bring us all together as one color, one people. Somehow, his message got overshadowed by folks who had a mission to tear him down. Michael did not deserve this, and his fans know that. I ask you all then, KNOWING the truth, to help restore this "King" back to his rightful place. Michael Jackson deserves a solid reputation in death....even though he may have not enjoyed one in life. Please, please, spread the word... and know that you are helping people see through spoon fed media agendas, and are helping a loving soul to be paid the full RESPECT he deserves.

Enjoy the show (for those who plan to attend.)


Janine Garcia said...

Its frustrating that your book is not sold in local book stores. I bought a copy when it first came out, i think i'll buy an autographed copy and pass my original copy along. Out of all MJ books, this is the book that needs to be selling at #1. The truth!

thank you again for writing this book, right after the trial had ended. years ago!

mjfanatic said...

I would like to say that I will indefinately be attending the premiere tomorrow night, but due to financial obligations, I will not be able to. But I WILL take a stand against ignorance on behalf of Michael. He was inarguably, "THE King". Coincidently, it is we that created him. Due to the rise of his social status, we indirectly played a part in his "social demise". Everyone wanted a piece of him, either in a positive or negative manner. Some wanted to be him, others wanted to destroy him. What right does anyone have to pass such judgement on any human being for that matter? It is because Michael did exist only in the limelight that our attention was directed towards him and his unfortunate ordeal. We watched his videos, went to his concerts, purchased his albums, and adorned our bedroom walls with images of him, but when the media and tabloids waged war against his name, we did nothing. We ALL owe it to this man who made us dance and sing to restore his image. If ever a day to start, THIS IS IT!! -RIP M.J.!

Anonymous said...

Yes I am planning to go tonight, don't know how I will be emotionally once it's done. But I have to see this.

I have your book and enjoyed it immensely. You are so right about Michael's spirit being broken. I knew this when I saw him come out of the court on June 13. I appreciate what you write about the emotions and the shock of Michael's passing. It's still hard to believe. I've never cried for anyone in my own family, the way I cried for Michael Jackson. He was my light, now it's out, but I will always have him in my heart, and remember his sweet words he told me when I met him.

rose said...

Dear Ms Jones,
Thanks again for your kindly support of Michael Jackson. A man with a huge heart of love did not deserved to die like Michael Jackson, not to mention a lot of people still making ill funs of him even after his death. As you stated "Michael Jackson deserves a solid reputation in death....even though he may have not enjoyed one in life. Please, please, spread the word... ".
Besides spread our word which I do, I hope you again using your powerful words to write a book about Michael. I believe you are one of the handful persons out there have the truly heart to concern about his reputation and look for the justice for his death.
I'm going to the movie in the coming Sunday, it's very sad for me to see him in the cinema but at the same time I want to find some answers there. There have been so many rumors about his present in the movie, I only trust my own eyes.

Ida said...

Thanks so much for showing the world the truth, Ms Jones! I am definately attending the Michael Jackson - This Is It premiere. Michael has got extremely popular here in Norway after his death, and I see it in quiet a good way, actually. But it bothers me that before his death almost no one dared to show that they were able to stand up for him. I'm going to high school, and before he died, you would risk to be labeled there as a weird person if you stood up for him, and I remembered I wanted to scream out that this man deserves all the respect he can get, HE IS A LEGEND, FOR GOD'S SAKE! And now people decide to care... People who accused him and condemned him before, in his life time. You have probably heard that Martin Bashir has spoke out about his death, and confessed that he lied in the documentary... There are also some rumours going on that Jordy Chandler also have confessed that he lied. I think they have some bad conscience going on. I thought as soon as I heard the terrible news, that now people could sit there, regret everything they did to and said about this man! And they obviously did. But it is too late. Isn't it ironic? History repeats itself. And it breaks my heart seeing what happens to his children now when Michael Jackson (God bless him) is no longer there to protect them. Now the paparazzi are after them. They can anytime get the same fate as Lady Diana, and only the thought scares me to death! And people blamed him when he hid their faces... They never understood that he was an incredible father, before his beautiful daughter came with her touching words in the end of his memorial! It was like she just wanted to tell the media, tell the world that they were wrong, and she is right. Her words were simple, but strong. And again; God bless you, Ms Jones, for showing the truth, and not being afraid to stand up BEFORE it was too late :-) I admire you so much, and I love your way of doing research before judging. You said yourself you too were doubting a little bit about the whole child molester-thing, but after doing some research you saw it all from a completely different side! Now, THAT'S fear journalism! You should start a school, and command Bashir, Dimond and all the other people who pushed him down, to start to it, and get some facts into their heads! ... But you know; those who lies knows the truth themselves ;) It's their loss. But it's also a loss for the world, because we have not only lost the greatest icon and entertainer ever. We have lost an angel, who now has flown (or moonwalked? ;D) to the place he belongs and is loved for who he is :)

Mira said...

Hi Aphrodite.
I am Mira, of Brazil.
We need your book published in Portuguese. How can we do this?
It is necessary that a publisher publishes in Portuguese? I could help?
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aphrodite, this is Bonnie Lamrock, the administrator from I hope you're doing well.

I have a signed copy of your book...and I enjoy it.

Thank you for all you do.

Keep up the great work.

Send me anything you would like posted and we would be glad to post.

We miss Michael & Love him so much.

Bonnie Lamrock

Bonnie said...

Hi Aphrodite, this is Bonnie Lamrock, the administrator from I hope you're doing well.

I have a signed copy of your book...and I enjoy it.

Thank you for all you do.

Keep up the great work.

Send me anything you would like posted and we would be glad to post.

We miss Michael & Love him so much.

Bonnie Lamrock

Bonnie Lamrock said...

This is the administrator of again, Bonnie Lamrock....I forgot to leave you my email:

I will be seeing the movie tonight, but am afraid I may be too emotional and might have to leave the theatre for some air. It might be too soon for me.

I worked at Michael's 45th Birthday party with 'The Michael Jackson World Network' (Jayne Ross). I've had much good fortune being able to get close to Michael physically on several occasions over the past 7 years and it was a goal of mine to meet him one day,,,,I came so close, but now I will never have that chance.

I miss him so much and I cry every day.

Bonnie Lamrock

Melbournemary said...

Dear Ms Jones, I am half way through your book and I only started it yesterday. Thank you so much for having the courage to tell it like it really was. Some of the situations you describe have brought me to tears and shame at the way this beautiful, amazing and gentle human being was treated. However thanks to you, his children will have an accurate account of what happened to their much loved father. I plan to attend several viewings of 'This Is It' as a celebration of Michael's life, his passion for his art and talent that nobody could ever take away from him. Thanks again Mary, Australia

Arabella said...

Like MelbourneMary, I too read at least half your book last night after just getting it in the mail yesterday. (I had to stop sometime after midnight to get some sleep! Can't wait to get back to it after work today.)

I have to say that prior to his untimely and deeply troubling passing, I had not paid a lot of attention to MJ in the last twenty years or so. Since his passing, I've learned about so much that I missed out on, and your book so compellingly proves his innocence as well as the unfair treatment of him in the tabloid AND mainstream media.

Thank you so much for putting the truth out there, and doing so in a well-researched, well-written book that defies dispute.

Best wishes to you, Aphrodite.
--Arabella in Vermont, USA

Aphrodite Jones said...

Please read my updated comment on THIS IS IT. What an experience!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all MJ supporters out there, thank you Aprhodite for supporting Michael when so few did.
Michael has always been a part of my life and always will be. His death has had a huge impact on me. My heart continues to break every day.
I truly believe there is a conspiracy against Michael and that is why he is now dead.
I love Michael Jackson and will continue to spread the word
about his innocence.
God Speed Michael Joseph Jackson.

KarenLovesMJJ said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have read your book and was so pleased to see someone from the media who had the guts to tell it like it is.

Have you thought of having your book made into a movie? There must be someone out there who would be willing to do that. Even though the media was against Michael, people that really knew him loved him.

I saw "This Is It" and loved it. I was in in awe. Having never seen Michael in concert, this was the next best thing and he was truly in his element.

His real character is obvious in the film, the way he was so caring with the others during rehearsal. I loved Michael before I saw this film and love him even more now. It is good to see that there are many in the public eye who have seen or will see it. However, when it has been reviewed by the media, they call it "another side of Michael Jackson". Excuse me, this is the side that has always been and the side that is real, unlike what has been said for so many years.

Michel deserves to have his reputation restored. He was a loving and giving man, filled with peace and hope for the world and the environment. The public needs to realize this. Hopefully, this film will help in that process.

Heather said...

Thank you so much for your book which I am about to read. I had to send away to Amazon to get it as I live in Melbourne, Australia and it is nowhere to be seen in my local bookshops. I hope you continue to tell the truth for Michael and his children. Thank you once again for what you have done and will do in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aphrodite for writing this book. This is an extraordinary book that deserves some media attention and a documentary regarding the case. Michael tried to defy gravity and lost. It is a tale of greed and inhumanity. He was different to the rest of us and shone like a beacon. he has so much to give the world and it took his dignity and spirit. I cried more than for some of my own family....I do not understand this phenomena. make sure libraries have copies and make this book accessible to all to read.

moonsurface said...

Thank you Aphrodite for your beautiful pre-review. I love the way you always say the truth and shed light on MJ news...

Débora Ilovaca Leiro said...

Hello, Aphrodite.
I thank God that I found this blog. Few days ago I was reading the Diana Dimond one and I got sick.
I really really want to read your book, but I can't find it here in Venezuela, where I lived. What should I do to get one of the autographed copies that you offered? Please, let me know!
Thank you very much for stand up for Michael and tell the truth. As you say, he was an angel... An innocent angel. And everyday I tried to convince at least one person about that.
You made me cry with your articles... I'm also a journalist and I feel very proud of your work.
Débora Ilovaca Leiro.

rachel said...

Dear Aphrodite Jones, it's wonderful what you do for Michael. The genius have no place on this planet and he was much more... he's finally away from the media and all these negative things and his spirit, his energy will always be present. We will anyway find it at one time or another. But he will be present as he will remain in our hearts. I am excited to know that a man like Michael exist somewhere. My son called mickael too, like the angel. I will receive your book in French tomorrow. I hate to read. thank you again for everything you do. rachel

rachel said...

sorry for the bad traduction in english... you must read " I'm happy to read your book !!" rachel

Ligaya Lucero said...

I emailed you shortly after reading your book when Michael died. Since then, whenever I read a comment about him referring to his supposed child molesting, I post a comment that decent/fair people would do their homework and check the other side - that Michael was an innocent victim of extortion and read The Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aprhodite Jones.

Antoinette Albert said...

I cant seem to find your book anywhere either!

It really does perplex me. I see countless books on Michael but none of your #1 Book MJC!

Could I please have a signed copy like you said in your Blog Spot? If you are all out I understand...I would love to have a copy though. Many people ask me about the trial and Michael's life because I am a Huge Fan and Advocate for his LOVE and INNOCENSE so this book can further help me forward some truth into many people's false stories of the "Man in the Mirror", the "Stranger in Moscow" and the King of POP, Michael Jackson!

If you need any information like an address as to where to send the book please contact me.

Thank You,
Antoinette A

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aphrodite Jones for this book. I bought it at Amazon Germany where it is still available.
I plan to translate the book into German to spread it all over the German speaking MJ fans. Please allow me to do so!

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