Friday, October 30, 2009

My thoughts on the movie THIS IS IT

I went to see THIS IS IT on opening night. I had heard a few good things... but I was not sure if Michael was really "all there" or what. I was a bit nervous for him, just a tinge, as I waited for the movie teasers to end. Then, to my glee -- to my utter glee -- Michael appeared on that stage in all his glory. Even without the costumes, even without the make-up and hair done, and even without the full backdrop -- he showed himself to be in better shape than ever... to have a singing voice that was in top form... and to have an ability to dance that was, well, nothing shy of stunning. His entire being was shining throughout the rehearsals.... It was like having an inside glimpse into his private "work" world -- watching him create and polish his performance to every last detail. I sat in awe. I sat in wonderment. I KNEW he had it... I knew he was still king...  but not until I saw it with my own eyes, could I rest assured that I was right, and the media nay-sayers were making things up about him.

With THIS IS IT, Michael Jackson will take his rightful place in history as the KING of all entertainers ...not just the King of Pop.  At least, that is my opinion. There was just no denying, as you watched him, that Michael was transcending the stage in every way -- creating a transcendental experience for the audience through his music, his lyrics, and his dance. I was transfixed as I watched. The only time I waivered was when I thought about his death... and what the world has lost in no longer being able to see him in person. I also thought about his children, and was saddened to know that this film is really the only time they will ever see Michael perform.

He did it -- these concerts -- because he wanted his kids to see him perform... But now, all they are left with -- is a film image. Still, the performances, the humanity of Michael, the ability to work so well with others, and most of all --  his humble spirit -- carried me back into the magic of his performances, and made me forget, for a few moments, that Michael was gone. All I really kept thinking was: He is it -- he IS a King. He's magical. He's better than all the rest of them... That ran through my mind the whole time I watched... and in the end, I walked out knowing, in my heart, that I love Michael Jackson, that though his music, he will always live.

I want the whole world to go see this film.... and I will shout from the rooftops... Michael Jackson is the single greatest performer who ever lived. THIS IS IT gives us proof of his genius, his perfection, his timing, his clarity, his greatness, and beyond all else, his sense of love for all things living on this planet.

Michael, I love you -- and I am so sorry that you were misunderstood in your lifetime. The people who are out there calling you a drug addict and sneering at your name, still, should be ashamed of themselves. In death, you have showed them all -- that like a Phoenix -- you can rise from the ashes. I know you are looking down at all of us from heaven now, and I think you're giving us a wink and a smile.     


Jill_T said...

What a lovely homage to a beautiful man. I'm very excited to see the movie on Sunday, and you've made me more excited than ever to see it. Thank you for the lovely words. I have tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

Aphrodite Jones said...

Thank you, Jill!

SerenityLife said...

Coming from you and from reading your book, The Michael Jackson Conspiracy, this is a POWERFUL testimony of Michael Jackson the performer and not the victim.

From your perspective here, it seems as though he was in control of his destiny.

Now, I won't walk into the movie theater with apprehension but a celebration of Michael Jackson's genius as an entertainer.

Thank you, Ms. Aphrodite Jones!

Anonymous said...

Perfect!!! You captured all of my emotions. Michael was all about LOVE and I'm trying to spread the word to all my friends who have their doubts. I never doubted Michael from the beginning. Can I post your blog on my facebook page?

Again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, Aphrodite. Thank you for all that you have done and are still doing for Michael xx

Aphrodite Jones said...

Thank you all for the nice comments. Yes - please feel free to post my blog, posts, comments on your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter sites.

Also - I do have a limited set of autographed books for sale, and I will ship internationally. After these books are gone I will probably be too busy with my TV show to sign and ship these. I did this to accommodate readers who cannot buy the book in foreign countries, or MJ fans who wish to buy a book with an autograph for their personal collection or as a gift.

You can use the link on this blog or my website:

Thank you for the support and for spreading the TRUTH about Michael!



Janine said...

Aw, that was beautiful Aphrodite. I'm teary. I agree with everything you said. Thank you for all your support and love for him. All this Michael love warms my heart.

I miss him immensely.

Mira said...

I'm crying as I read your words. I was crying while watching This Is It And I watched every day since his debut here in Brazil. I've written many times to you. I hope you answer me some day. We here in Brazil we do not believe that death. We need to talk about it. We need someone to help us. And only you can help us. He will rise from the ashes, right? If you can tell me, my email is
Please ...
(Again sorry my english by Google. I'm brasilian...I don't speak english.)

Mira said...

Forgive me if I'm being inconvenient. Since June 25 my heart is broken. Thank you for having accepted me on Facebook.

Fiz said...

My daughter was so looking forward to seeing him in the UK. She'd been up all night to order them when the tickets came free to order. She has been sent the tickets, but what she wanted was to see Michael. She has been in a terrible state and I have not been much better as Michael's biggest albums were the back ground to our marriage and early years together. Too many show people have died this year, and I can't bear it for Michael's children.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie last night and loved it so much I went back today. I hope people will see what a kind, gentle loving human being he was as well as a brilliant artist in every sense. It's an uphill battle when TV stations are still showing that disgusting BBC documentary by Jacques Peretti which portrays Michael as a low-life and a pedophile. It quotes Diane Dimond and Bob Jones and is full or factual errors. I wrote to the ombudsmand of the Canadian Broadcasting Corpration to complain.
I'll be reading your book soon and can't wait!

Iris said...

AJ, I left comments for you on Twitter re: my feelings on the movie, you may post here if you like. Bought your book this afternoon, should be interesting read. Just feeling so cheated. We fans were cheated out of a mindblowing show and a one-of-a-kind performer, three kids were cheated out of growing into adulthood under Michael's love and guidance, and Michael himself was cheated out of knowing how much his fans really loved and supported him. That all said, I'm glad Mr. Ortega didn't kill ME by reminding me he was dead, and what a wonderful surprise it was for those of us who stayed for the end credits.

Ingrid said...

It brokes my heart when I noticed that your book isn't easy to find it. And it happens at the same time that the Diane Dimond's book are able to buy it!

You have to do something! These Diane Dimond's book can't dirty Michael's image anymore! Fans (and not fans) need to know the truth! We need your book!

elizabeth said...

thank you...such wonderful things you write about this wonderful man. Everywhere I go since seeing it, I encourage people to go. His humility really touched me also. Brilliant. He was attuned to everything that he'd designed & everything that was taking place during rehearsals.I've known his inept medical treatment was due to insomnia. May we all continue to uplift his honor & enlighten his spirit . . .

9esther09 said...

Wonderful homage! I was quiet too throughout, but yet there were moments when I felt horrible sadness for his children, & the fact that he was taken from us~when he ddnt have to be~he could've still been here, innovating & loving his children & the world through film. I also would like to thank you for the book availability~I want it soo bad, but I cannot buy it until mid-week, bc of paychecks~I pray there will still be some left!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for those kind words.My feelings exactly.

éRiC said...

Wonderful. Thank you for these words. I have seen 'this is it' and even if i'm upset, it was great to see him again.
Thank you for your investigation and your work with "MJ conspiracy". I would put it in the hands of everyone for they read it.

(sorry for my english !)

Ida said...

I couldn't agree more! It was an amazing experience, I just smiled all the time and enjoyed every second of it, and all the people all around me did the same... and then I started to think, that it was circumstances like that over the whole wide world at that time! It was amazing, and he danced and sang as he'd always done :D And again; THANK YOU FOR TELLING THE TRUTH, and really do some SERIOUS research about him. :) I love and appriciate you for that, ms Jones!

mjjltd said...

Its all so emotional to read here and especially to read your statements and impressions about Michael....too many german fans are too scared to see TII....
but the better news are that we are on the best way to wake them all up to fight for mj`s justice.....YES WE CAN - spreading the TRUTH about MJJ !
Michael was - is and will be the only KING of Entertainment!
Unites WE STAND!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. My exact sentiments when I was in the cinema last night but I could have never described it so gracefully as you have in words. I am so happy to know that someone else out there (you) have shared your experience in words. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for accepting me on Facebook! I've posted your blog and I'm spreading the word as I mentioned above. I hope I can open their minds to realize Michael was an Angel and a gift sent from above.
Thanks again,

sidbela said...

Thank you Aphrodite, yours words are truly inspired. They touched my heart and I'm sad and happy in the same time! I only want to know why someone from his friends and family don't like the movie and they think that's not what he wants! But he did all that especially for his children and fans, I'm so glad because his beautiful children can see their dad as the greatest entertainer of all time, and the greatest careing person in the world. He did care, even through This is it! I wish to meet his children some day, to be their friend because they are his true legacy and I know they will walk on his path of love!

S. with love!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Aphrodite. I didn't know how I would react in seeing the film, but I was in awe. I would have been an incredible show. Michael was just so adorable! I really felt like he was in the theater. Of course at the end is when I lost it. It's just a shame that it will never come to be.

verena111 said...

On most aspects of your blog about TII I can agree fully. The bitter pill for me to swallow, however, was to see on the one hand that Michael Jackson as a performer was there and ready. On the other hand he is no longer with us because of some extremely risky medication. Different people have confirmed that Michael Jackson himself asked for propofol. You write that he was not a drug addict. I would love to believe that, but the medication he took at least hints at a serious problem. I am a musician and have seen artists self-destruct, it bothers me. As much as I am celebrating Michael Jackson's musical genius and all the positive energy he propelled into this world, I would like to know, why the end had to be the way it was. Especially after seeing him glow in the movie I find Michael's death nonsensical and devastating.
I have read your book Michael Jackson Conspiracy. Thank you so much for this great book. I am spreading the word as over here in Germany not too many journalists seem to have read it.
Best wishes, Verena

Selena W said...

Thank you Ms. Jones, beautifully written, truly a lovely homage to a wonderful wonderful man! Also, thank you for MJC.

cathcoy said...

Aphrodite, our site is up but not complete. Thanks for letting us post two chapters from your book. Please visit when you have the time and sign up for our newsletter.

Lia said...

Wow! Aphrodite what a beautiful article!
So true!
I do agree with you on every single word!
He will be the King of pop forever!
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

You and MJ are like peas in a pod! You see, MJ is such a man of integrity and principles, and now as I try to finish your MJC book and get to know you more based on your excellent blogs, I can see that MJ and you have so many things in common--standing up for what you believed in, and always trying to do the RIGHT thing! The two of you could have been THE perfect match ;-)

colleen said...

Thank you Aphrodite for the wonderful expression you've shared and the great book you wrote that's the best I've read.! Saw the movie twice and was somewhat apprehesive at first but so excited and amazed watching him dance and his beautiful singing voice..!Sad about the loss and somewhat angry there wasn't an intervention by those who must have known something...RIP Michael

Anonymous said...

Hi AJ,
I don't know what to say to your homage. I just finished reading your book and I really have mixed feelings with it. It is so easy to praise someone after he is gone, to praise someone after he is acquitted. But you were not there when he really needed a journalist who would comment positively on him. Who would back him up with the insane stories of the prosecution.
Actually I feel now as if you are one of the many who want to make money on his death, trying to sell more of your books. I am really, really sorry for that. Hopefully you've learned a wise leason from Michaels case, never just follow the crowd. Follow your intuition and let the world see the other side of the coin/story!

LeentjeMJJ said...

The last post is mine. Didn't mean to post it anonymously.

marceline said...

chère Aphrodite,
Merci du fond du coeur pour Michael et pour ceux qui, comme moi, l'aiment depuis des anné vous respecte, je vous admire(et je vous aime aussi) pour avoir eu le courage et l'honèteté intellectuelle de faire votre "mea culpa" et de prendre le défense de Michael à un moment où celà était particulièrement difficile.
J'ai appris que vous préparez une émission TV sur ce sujet pour Avril 2010. J'espère que vous aurez un énorme succès international et qu'on pourra le voir en France.
Je fais lire votre livre autour de moi et je compte l'offrir à plusieurs personnes pour Noël.Si vous en avez besoin, nous sommes prêts à vous soutenir de toutes les façons possibles. encore merci.Très amicalement, Marceline

AVA said...

Ms. Jones, you are one great person! Thank you for sharing all of these to us MJ fans..

Maite said...

Aphrodite your thoughts on This Is It are right on. I have tear in my eyes because you are right. Mj was a gift from god and like many guineas he was not appreciated by a few that only wanted to destroy him. I have seen the film 5 times and each time I get something new from the film. I cry, I laugh, and most of all I dance and sing in my seat. As for all the new media that label him a junky now they have to put their tongs where the sun don't shine MJ was not a junky like they have painted him to be. IMO dr. murry killed him due to negligence he was not a train physician to administer the sleeping agent to Michael. He only took the job for money and did not care about his pacient.

Anna at D16 said...

Beautiful review, Aphrodite. I felt very much the same way while watching it. I've been twice already, and will go at least once more.

The only thing that surprises me about TII is that people are surprised about it at all! People need to see how much love Michael had to give, and how much of himself he put into everything he did. What a beautiful man.

* * *

BTW, I will be in touch shortly. The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy...

Anonymous said...

saw the movie three times, love it. Aphrodite, thanks for your great review.

Anonymous said...

The movie shows a little what we have known all along that MJ must have been a neurotic perfectionist. Most of us are alright doing the work, moving on, but in his case there is this drive for perfection. What a lot of pressure that must have been. And to top it all to imagine the public ridicule just because he was different?! Not strange or weird just different. Most perfectionists are bossy, overbearing, and downright scary. He came across as a really nice boss too. So overall, he sounds a mature, thinking, cool kinda guy and the people condemning him would do well to take a look at their own lives before judging.

Nina said...

I love your review and yes, he is/was
the King of all Entertainers!!!!
I have to echo everyone else in saying tears were flowing as I was
I have seen the film 3 times and will buy the dvd when it is available in January.

I would like to say that I have read your book. It is wonderful and I recommend it or refer to it
every chance I get. Btw....I see many people doing the same when
fighting for the truth about Michael :-)
I have so much respect and admiration for you because you were able to see and say you were wrong about Michael Jackson, to go against the tide to speak the truth that you learned in that courtroom. THAT speaks volumes about who you are,which to me, is a very BIG person. The fact that you had to self publish and did.
I do not know if he ever expressed any thoughts on your book to you but I know he had to have appreciated it a great deal.

I just wish that Sneddon had to answer for his misconduct against MJ and the people that he was supposed to be representing by wasting all their money.
It is hoping for too much though, it is Michael Jackson that too few people wanted to stand up for.
The media has been able to get away with being a disgrace...why would it be any different with him.

Sorry for getting off subject, I just feel such rage for what happened to this utterly talented,
beautiful,giving,gentle man.
Once again, thank you.

Clare said...

thank you for such a wonderful portrayal of an amazing man. I love to read those words...the single greatest performer that ever lived.

I'm sitting here watching HIStory in concert on DVD with tears streaming down my face. All Michael wanted to do was love the World and be loved back, perform and make people happy and try in someway to rebalance the hate in the World and damage to the earth, What makes some people of the world so cruel that they could deface and try and destroy the soul of this wonderful himan being. It truly breaks my heart, and I don't think I will ever got over his loss.

Thank you Aphrodite xx

Daniela Garrido said...

Aphrodite, I'm brazilian but I don't speak very well. I have three blogs about Michael because I love him.
I am reading your book.
It's very important because Michael is innocent!
Thanks for your book!
God bless you!
My blogs:

Queene said...

Aphrodite, I recently read your book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" and after the seeing "This is it" for the 3rd time. I am left wondering WHY???

I cannot grasp how Michael inspite of all that was done to him could still maintain such a loving and humble spirit. Why are there so many cruel people in this world that think nothing of destroying the human life and spirit. I find it amazing how those who destroyed him still maintain their dignity and do so with such arrogance.

Your homage to Michael brought me to tears. I know you where one of those who at some point thought he was guilty. Thank God you had a change of heart. Perhaps this will give cause for others in the media to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Aphrodite, thank you for all the support you've given Michael. He truly is the King of Entertainment and an inspiration for all of his fans. I wish the nay-sayers and detractors would look at the evidence and THINK it through. Then they would realize that Michael was NOT GUILTY and his accusers were actually extortionists with sophisticated plans intending to, and in the Chandler case succeeding, extort large sums of money. They all deserve to burn in HELL for what they did.

Pia Fernqvist said...

Thank you for your wonderful work with The Michael Jackson Conspiracy and your website/blog. You have capture all my thoughts and feelings about Michael in a wonderful way! Is your book published in Swedish?
Pia in Sweden

Alicia said...

I didn't actually see the movie in theaters. I watched it on YouTube. The way it was cut, a couple of parts wouldn't play, but I got the gist of the movie. He was thin, but he always got that way when he rehearsed. He was simply too busy to bother with properly taking care of himself. He was 'all there'. If, & it's a pretty big if for me, he had any unnecessary drugs in his system during his rehearsals, he was obviously a high-functioning addict. From the autopsy results, I would guess that he wasn't actively addicted. Technically, addiction is a permanent state. At best, people can only go into recovery, but never be 'cured'. Because he did admit to a previous addiction, he did die an addict, but I'm not completely convinced that he was using anything inappropriately; except Propofol in an attempt to get sleep.

Antoinette Albert said...

Oh, Thank You AJ!

Your Comments about Mj's Movie are wonderful! Ive read and heard many wonderful things BUT when praise and acceptance come from someone in the media or in the public eye as you are it means a little more. It means that despite being a famous author and in the judemental public eye you are nto afraid to stand up and speakl the truth. I find many people are afriad to admit or atleast notion that they like Mj. You say you LOVE HIM!

We all LOVE Him too <3

Anonymous said...

I have not been to see the movie because I'm still so full of grief. However I WILL buy the DVD in Jan.
I knew from the word go Michael was not on drugs. He was and remains the greatest entertainer of all time. He was anointed and kissed by the angels.
What I do find very interesting is that now that most of the Coroner's report has been released, the ones calling him an addict have either quited down or are in denial and claiming there was no press conference. They should face it, they lied and their true self to out.

icy said...

Well said.

icy said...

Well said.

Rio said...

Hi Ms. Jones,
My name is Meredith and I am 19 years old.
I will tell you with an honest heart, that while Mr. Jackson was known to be alive, I never believed anything well of him. I had even argued my case to friends who dared to speak well of Mr. Jackson.

It wasn't intil his death, that left me with an empty feeling in my heart and world and tears in my eyes, that I began to research the trial and the accusations against him. I found that the man I had so ignorantly judged was, indeed, the victim in all this.

With your book 'Michael Jackson Conspiracy' to my immediate left and anxiety to read it in its entirety, I have to say thank you for looking at his case with such an open heart and mind and not allowing the tons of biased media outlets to control your opinion.

My apologies for such a long comment. Thank you again.

P.S. I saw This is it twice. The first was sad for me but the second time I couldn't stop dancing in my seat. =)

Anonymous said...

For an older lady you seem to be a little too obsessed with Michael Jackson. Like a school girl w/a crush. Thanks for being honest about him but it's getting a little creepy now with how obsessed w/him you are...

colleen said...

In response to the anonymous comment: For an older lady you seem to be a little too obsessed with Michael Jackson. Like a school girl w/a crush. Thanks for being honest about him but it's getting a little creepy now with how obsessed w/him you are...
March 4, 2010 5:58 AM

My comment is: I don't think Aphrodite Jones is older than Michael Jackson. He was 50 years old when he died. A wide range of ages and nationalities of people are interested in his life as an entertainer and the malicious way he was treated during the trial Aphrodite writes about in her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy". I am older than both he and Aphrodite Jones and seek truth and justice for Michael. I'm thankful for her book and all she's contributed addressing the persecution, lies and false accusations brought against him throughout the years. His music appeals to people of all ages.
RIP Michael.

colleen said...

In response to the anonymous comment: For an older lady you seem to be a little too obsessed with Michael Jackson. Like a school girl w/a crush. Thanks for being honest about him but it's getting a little creepy now with how obsessed w/him you are...
March 4, 2010 5:58 AM

My comment is: I don't think Aphrodite Jones is older than Michael Jackson. He was 50 years old when he died. A wide range of ages and nationalities of people are interested in his life as an entertainer and the malicious way he was treated during the trial Aphrodite writes about in her book "Michael Jackson Conspiracy". I am older than both he and Aphrodite Jones and seek truth and justice for Michael. I'm thankful for her book and all she's contributed addressing the persecution, lies and false accusations brought against him throughout the years. His music appeals to people of all ages.
RIP Michael.