Sunday, November 8, 2009

I saw THIS IS IT again today ... Sunday, Nov 8th

I went to go see THIS IS IT again today, and while my spirits flew the first time I saw it, I cried a lot this time.  I just thought ... to see that talent ...stamped out ... it just broke my heart.  It was still an unbelievable experience, and very inspirational,  but my reaction was different.

I would like to hear your reactions after seeing THIS IS IT the second, third, fourth or more times.

I guess we are just going to have to universally grieve his loss together and then do the best we can to keep the gifts he gave us, alive.




Anonymous said...

I felt more sad after seeing it the second time than I did the first time, to be honest.

You know, there are so many stories going around about who did what and who was responsible for what and how this all happened, but when it comes down to it, however it happened, whoever is at fault, the one constant fact that remains is that we lost one of the most talented people to ever live AND one of the greatest men to ever live.

Speaking of which - his heart needs - NEEDS - to be as big a part of his legacy as his music. He wasn't all about the music... I mean, he was, but that wasn't it. There's that... and then there are his messages. Heal the world. We are the world. Take care of the planet, take care of each other, LOVE. Children are the future. However that all got twisted into something that it wasn't, we who know the truth need to teach the truth to others. Because, his music will always speak for itself.... his legacy as Michael Jackson the man, might not. And it would be a HUGE tragedy for his legacy to be "Wacko Jacko".

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie five times. I will go again this week. The first time I was transported and thrilled and energized. I cried only (unexpectedly!) at the Jackson 5 bits. The last time I saw it I truly felt I was saying good-bye.

I have never seen such complete understanding and feeling and living and breathing and moving for music...and I physically hurt for the pain he endured.

In the end....I believe he will be remembered for his music and his desire to give and for L.O.V.E. : ) the end I believe he will be remembered as the very fine man he was....inspite of his being a very rare genius. Take heart.

bozeanne said...

I'm still not able to go & see it. I'm sorry, i do not feel strong enough. Your book was a torture. It was very difficult to read. But i had to... You know what i mean.
Thank you, Mrs. Jones.
Thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

Aphrodite, I hope you can find comfort knowing he is truly, truly in a far better place. How long could one person continue in that life and endure time after time? It is not fair to be so tortured and we know he was so much in pain. He was an angel in our midst. I'm glad we had him as long as we did. The love he shared and taught us to feel will keep those who love him going for a long, long time.

Mone said...

AJ I have seen TII 5x [was not my plan at all] The first time I was with a few friends. I didnt know what 2 expect or how I was going 2 react. I made it through with my head spinning, very few tears and LOTS of questions. This repeated itself 3 more times. The 4th time [I was alone]--I was NUMB, ANGRY, VENGEFUL and uncontrollably grief stricken, still a small amount of tears. This past saturday I saw it 4 the 5th time...again...alone. I sat in that dark theatre and I watched, and with every performance, gesture, joke, smile...god bless u, I love u and its all 4 love it was like a million knives stabbing me in my heart. In the last scene...Man In the Mirror which is my favorite MJ song I pressed and clasped my hands 2 gether[in prayer form]and was squeezing my hands together so tight I thought I was going 2 break my own hands. Tears, pain...utter pain I felt in that theatre as 'make that change...make that change...make that change' echoed through my ears.I dont know what more I can say...My heart will feel heavy over this, Im almost positive. till the day I die.

~Mone [moe-nay]

Anonymous said...

I've seen the movie four times. The first time I cried a couple of times, but was transported by the music and the man. Each time I've gone, I've been increasingly sad and angry.

I'm sad that Michael's true spirit has been overlooked for far too long, while vile, hurtful stories have proliferated. I'm sad that a kind, gentle, loving, humble, God-loving, and caring man had to endure so much. I'm sad that his vision was incomplete. I'm sad that his children have to endure the loss of their father and will one day have to face the horrible stories about him. Finally, I'm sad that those who really NEED to see this movie, in order to understand the man, will be the ones who refuse to purchase a ticket.

I'm angry that the media continues to find ways to denigrate his memory. There is plenty of evidence to support Michael's complete and utter innocence in regard to the accusations, yet, that information does not merit a mention, while the accusations are continually referenced. I'm angry that there seems to be no recourse available to stem the continued persecution of such a vulnerable soul. I'm angry at the injustice of it all and I feel helpless as to a solution.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it four times and cannot wait to see it again. the first time (the premiere with other fans) I cried a bit at the beginning and later when Michael talks about nature and the need to save our earth. The second time, not as much tears, and the third, just a tear or two. But today and the past few days I've been thinking of him and feeling sadness more than usual. After This Is It is not in theatres anymore, they should show his other concert tours in theatres--nothing like being there in person, but the closest many of us will ever get (blessed are the people who got to see him perform live). I will see This Is It again as many times as I'm able, even if I have to go alone. I suspect I will let loose with my emotions then..maybe going alone will be actuaally a good thing for me to do... I miss you, Michael..I regret not "getting out there" and supporting you when I could have..I was your biggest fan when I was a teenager,..then, I lost my I am back where I always belonged, loving you. Michael truely is L.O.V.E.

Anonymous said...

I have been twice to see it and I think I reacted the same way you did.
The first time I saw it I was so nervous and scared. I was preparing for a break down full of tears. But the magnificence that Michael is lifted me up and got me dancing in my seat. (not literally, haha) I was in awe of him and I seemed to be ok until I left the cinema.
2nd time I saw it I knew what to expect so I could look at things a bit closer and differently. This second time I was quite sad. I still loved seeing him do what he did, but I felt so lost knowing this was all there was. I'd seen the last of Michael :-(

Anonymous said...

I guess to me, I wondered if it was just rehearsal footage or something more. A movie that was meant to be made, without there ever being a concert tour. Whichever it truly was, I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to seeing it again and again.
Emotional yes, sad, no. He showed us the Michael we always have known and loved, only this time, a little older, and maybe just that little bit slower. But all in all, it was still Michael, in control and full of life! :)

Anonymous said...

I've only seen the movie once. I didn't want to see it because I didn't want to put money in to the pockets of the moneygrubbers. I went with someone who really wanted to go, and that person paid for my ticket. But I was reminded that MJ's family would get the majority of the proceeds. I really enjoyed what the artists delivered and was surprised that I jammed with the music instead of feeling sad. I didn't cry until the end when I saw the promoter's name in the credits. I was sickened to see Dr. Thome Thome listed in the credits as MJ's advisor and felt to some extent that they were laughing at or making a mockery of MJ.
I have no plans to go again unless someone I know really wants to go. I probably won't buy the DVD.
Thanks for you blog, Aphrodite, and a place for MJ's fans to express themselves.

Justice for Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who wrote that I wouldn't go see the movie again unless someone really wanted to go.

Michael was thin in the movie. In some cases, he was very thin. There were times when I thought a double was used because Michael looked like he did during the History tour. He looked much younger, IMO. He definitely had slurred speech at one point. I remember saying that he talks with a lisp, but that wasn't the case throughout the movie. I don't know why his speech was slurred. I noticed it when he was at the top of the stairs (during smooth criminal) and he answered a question asked by Ortega. Maybe MJ was nervous. IDK.

Ali said...

I dont really know how i feel. Since he died ive been numb. I cant cry, it doesnt feel real and I think ive gone in to a bubble to protect my heart. I refuse to believe it even though I know its true. My head knows it, but my heart hasnt caught up. I found myself praying that this movie would break people's hearts so that they would be affected by his message and carry it with them every day. Since that movie, I try to do something every day good for the earth. I recycle something, or when i recently booked flights I paid for carbon off setting. its only small but its something i can do to make sure he didnt die in vain. I will always miss him...

Heather said...

I have seen it twice and possibly a third on Saturday. The first time I was overwhelmed by tears and the sadness stayed with me for days. The second time I heard things I didn't hear the first time. Everyday my thoughts are of Michael and the children he left behind.

Aphrodite, thank you again for your extraordinary investigative work ... Michael and his kids still need you.

Best wishes and L.O.V.E

Reeta said...

Dear Aphrodite, I've seen TII now 4 times and I have to say it's been a variety of emotions everytime I have gone to see it. I can't remember almost anything from the premiere screening, except that I was crying and feeling numb. The 2nd screening went a little bit better, although I did cry again during some of the songs I was really looking forward to see and hear in London. I think so far the hardest screening has been the 3rd one. I was just sobbing and shedding tears because of missing him so much. The funny thing is, the 4th screening was completely opposite comparing to the 3rd one. I felt like my heart was about to burst because of loving him so much! It was a full job to keep myself sitting on that seat and trying not to shout any love confessions (:D) the rest of the audience would not possible understand, especially if they weren't such devoded fans as I was.

Im going to see it for the 5th time tomorrow and really can't tell how am I going to reach then.

Ida said...

I would love to see it again, probably I will too...! The first time I saw it, I felt pure fascination and I just cried a couple of times... But I think I'm gonna cry a lot more the second time I see it.

Anonymous said...

....I am able to "see" the movie TII here at home every day....ALONE! MICHAEL IS THE BEST and i am sure he is not must see the docu "Life of a Superstar" and you know what i mean....

Anonymous said...

I cried when I saw the movie. He was so vibrant and gentle at the same time. The movie showed what an incredible performer and person he was. It doesn't matter what people say about him anymore. They can never hurt him now. I believe that the way we speak of and judge others is a reflection of ourselves and not of the people we are trying to hurt. Michael when he was accused and made fun of never once uttered a negative word about those that spoke ill of him. That in my opinion is a true measure of the human being he was.

Pirjo said...

I have seen the film 3 times now and feel really sad that this wonderful show did not take place. As MJ said you haven't seen nothing yet ,,, and as you said he was still going very strong, both in singing and dancing. What a sad loss.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie only one time and I must say, that I felt sad even after the first time. He wasn't the same person he was in the past and that had nothing to do with his age. I mean his dancing and singing was still good but I missed the sparkling in his eyes. You could feel that there's something wrong with him and that he wasn't happy sad. He was and will always be the best entertainer the world has ever known. I love him.

Anonymous said...

Like most of us, I felt much sadder the second time seeing the movie.
The first time I was so excited to see it and not knowing really what to expect. I tried to take it all in at once and to capture every word spoken, every movement, and every kind gesture by Michael, but I couldn't. So I went to see it again & I was able to absorb so much more. Which is why I did cry more & reality was sinking in. My thoughts were if he HAD to leave us, why couldn’t it have been after his first live show. You could see the joy on his face. He was so looking forward to performing for his fans again. As sad as the movie is, I could watch it over and over and over. Which is why I went again On Saturday after I visited the Rock-n-roll Hall of Fame in NYC just to see the small exhibit of MJ . I could watch anything with Michael over and over just to keep him alive in my heart & mind.

PJ James said...

Sitting through the first half hour of ‘This Is It’ was far from a celebration for me. I could barely allow my eyes to follow his pencil-thin body jostle and jive through the grueling rehearsals without cringing. On the other hand I was spellbound by this fluid masterpiece. Michael Jackson would never know this footage would be seen by so many of us 'everyday folks.' But if this were his normal, behind the scenes persona, I can only imagine what the completed masterpiece would have felt like.

I emphasize 'felt' because that's what Michael Jackson was...a living, breathing vessel of emotion. During this 2-hour voyeuristic peek inside the man behind the magic I had to wonder why so few of us were sitting in front of this IMAX screen; barely three dozen in a room that easily seats 200. To be fair, it was the Sunday after Halloween. The hoopla surrounding its opening had passed. The Dallas Cowboys were playing (who, I have no idea; I stopped following "da hometown boys" long ago). Maybe there are just too many other issues facing the public now (unemployment being a big one). Perhaps there are too many celebs competing for our adoration.

Still, I shudder at the thought the lack of ticket sales could be the result of a stain plastered on his forehead so many years ago. Allegations forever lodged in California court documents from a highly publicized trial where he was exonerated. If that's the reason the room was 3/4 empty, then we've not come very far from the days of whipping posts in colonial school houses (for the mere act of whispering too loud to another peer) or worse: hanging someone without legal recourse simply because a rumor indicated they were guilty. Please, someone tell me…as a society we’re above this kind of thing now. Aren’t we?

There was one surprising omission in this concert that never was: the moonwalk was incognito. Maybe it was left out on purpose by marketing gurus; as a tease for more to come. After all there are 98 hours of tape left to shave for future releases. It’s also possible MJ simply got tired of the constant request to repeat this iconic step. I mean, just how many times can you keep sliding in front of others to prove you still can? Let's face has been imitated more than any other dance step I can recall in my lifetime. Only MJ, Kenny Ortega (the movie's director) or others behind the scenes know the answer to that.

Reason aside, I was disappointed he didn't do it.

But worse: I kept wanting to pull him out of that film for a 'good talkin' to' - as my southern-bred Mama would say. "Michael, you have got to put on some weight! You're killing yourself slowly" kept echoing in my brain. I’ve read interview transcripts indicating he may have considered eating a waste of time. Like a pre-occupied teenager, perhaps he just didn’t enjoy doing it. When there are far too many interesting things to do with ones time- like making music or creating magic- why bother?

I began to think about the irony of MJ's alter ego: Elvis. There's no denying The King of Rock often resembled an overfilled balloon on stage in his later years. Elvis buried his angst with gluttony. Michael Jackson chose the opposite: starvation. Both had blinders on. Both are gone.

I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. No matter how many of us leaving the age of Aquarius want to keep this under wraps; Michael Jackson was right.

Growing old is ugly.

In summary, maybe I just wasn't ready to see this superstar - whose heyday was 17 years ago at the start of his Dangerous Tour - in this state. Despite the downers, the visual effects were stupendous. It was exactly the vision Michael Jackson would want to project to his fans. Despite the fact that a little more ‘meat on his bones’ would have been nice- there was no doubt the magic of the man was intact. Four decades and counting, Michael Jackson still had “IT.”

R.I.P. maestro.

msan said...

I saw the film by third time, and could enjoy it and laugh with Michael. He was so happy, so happy singing and dancing, creating his magic and sharing his " great aventura" with that " familia" adoptive, that I could not less than to give thanks to God.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie 5 times. The first time I was simply and completely over-whelmed by Michael's genius and gifts and awed by what he had put together. The last screening left me wondering what transpired between Ortega and MJ after Ortega told him to go get water and Michael went off singing 'water....water' in the most beautiful sound imaginable but Ortega looked very serious and what? angry?? when he turned back toward the camera. What was that?? I'm going again.

I too feel actual pain at the loss of Michael Jackson for himself and his children and us.

Anonymous said...

MJ has come into my thoughts most days since his death. I grew up with him being "little Michael Jackson" and though his music serenaded my teenage years, he and I parted company when I went to college and I actually never listened to most of what he created after "Thriller".
At his death I discovered this trove of wonderful, addictively singable music, and amazing dancing. It was like rubbing salt into an open wound to see what a rare creative spirit he was, and humanitarian equal to his musical success.

Saw This Is It Saturday w/my husband (who was never an MJ fan).... he cried, he was so moved by the music (particularly "I Can't Stop Loving You") and Michael's consummate professionalism. I tried to stay as objective as possible, and enjoy the film, and I did. But not without a huge lump in my throat when the Jackson 5 images flashed on the screen, and there was Michael today, dancing against it. I practically cried a river.

I will see the film again this week with my twin daughters (age 8). They already love Michael's music, but I think this film is an important, candid view into the work, dedication and passion it takes to be a success. An important lesson for young people.

MichaelPureSoul said...

I have very mixed feelings about this movie, it did not impress me at all the way they made it, the contents of it. I know how Michael is and I know his magic. His dancing and singing were not FULL OUT, it is what it is, rehearsals. There was not a song complete in it's entirety. I don't think there was any complete dress rehearsal either, there were some parts where maybe he might have worn some jacket or something over his normal clothes, but I don't know which one was meant for the show or not. I also noticed his looks, very different one from another, I notice some were from a time before the last weeks maybe?

I feel him nervous at times, did you sense that? It does not hide entirely his condition, I can see his skinny frame and his uneasiness, they cut so much of it all that at times you just get lost. I thought I saw at some moment during the Beat It part where he jumps up and down and then they stop, I see him loose a little his balance, I see him breathing very heavily and breathless.

I see the differences in his condition with the different clothes, different days, I wish I could have a timeline of which was the order, like what came first, what day did he wear those skinng red pants with blue t-shirt, and what day did he wear the black jacket of the O2 announcement, and what day did he wear the black jacket with white lapel and did the Human Nature part. Those things help to analize his condition. They mixed up all the performances, making each song of bits and pieces of different days, and I noticed he doesn't look the same everytime. I would need to see it again to try and pin point things like that.

Anonymous said...


CobraCrackCentral said...

Hi Aphrodite,

I've seen This Is It eight times! I'm going for an even ten! I see different aspects of Michael and his genius every time I go.

Truly he was one of the most beautifulest souls that ever walked this planet!!!!

To see a man with this much talent at 50 is beyond amazing. I was truly speechless the first time.

But watching the movie makes me happy!

I am interested thought to see what footage is on the rest of the tapes.

I caught Kenny being very short w/ Michael (right after the Billie Jean scene when he tells him to get water) the expression on his face is that of someone who is exassperated and annoyed.

It was shocking to me the first time I noticed it (the first time I watched the movie) but seeing it eight more times have not change my mind about that chilling observation.

I KNOW that there is more to this story than what we were shown.

Like your book does, the truth WILL come out eventually.

I only cried once, and that was during my four viewing, when the song Heal the World came on. We are so mean and unloving to each other -Michael saw that. Sometimes it breaks me heart!

mmm said...

j 'ai lu votre livre le complot contre michael jackson je le trouve boulverssant.
parceque michael a ce moment etait malheureux et les tabloids ont tout fait pour le detruire .
j'ai juste une question a posé je suis francaise et sur internet je vois beaucoup de titre ou il y a marque : ' michael jackson vivant ' , apparement une certaine gretchen sims et un certain derk clontz disent qu'ils est vivant et qu'ils parlent avec michael
j'aimerais savoir ce que vous en penser.
Pensez vous que michael soit vivant ????
parceque je regarde tres souvent internet et je vois tout ces titres alors je commence a pensé qu'il est vivant

mmm said...

bonjour j'ai lu votre livre le complot contre michael jackson.
votre livre nous montre bien que michael est tres genereux et humble .
mais j'ai une question je suis francais et sur internet je trouve souvent ce titre : " michael jackson est vivant" je ne sais plus quoi penser .
parceque je ne vois que cela et sincerement je commence a le croire car un journaliste monsieur derek clontz et une femme gretchen sims lui parle apparement ils commencent vraiment a etre connus alors j'aimerais avoir une vraie reponse qui me dise la vérité

Sophie said...

Hi Aphrodite, my name's Sophie, I'm French and 29. First of all, I thank you for your book that I got to read a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to follow so closely the trial back in 2005 and wanted to know more about what happened so I got your book. Also because I was trying to understand better how Michael could feel lately. This was just so insane to me, I mean the whole situation. He was the last person to deserve this. Michael was such a beautiful human being - I just wish I could have made HIS world a better place.. just like he did for me. Yesterday, I saw TII for the 3rd time, I don't know how I could handle it - well I really felt like screaming, and still cried from the begining to the end. I was just shakened all the way through. I personally believe since a few weeks, it is not an "obvious" accident like we are trying to be convinced. What hurts me the most, is how Michael had to suffer, the pressure they put on him - If only he could have seen with his eyes what he means to us one last time... Now, he deserves respect ant the truth. I wish I could do something for him.

4TheLoveofMichael said...

I have seen This Is It 7 times. For sentimental reasons. He was the 7th child and his favorite number was 7. I am thinking about seeing it 10 times now that it has been extended. Because there were a total of 10 children, including Brandon, Marlon's twin who was stillborn and because of the 3 children, Paris,Prince and Blanket....The first time I was just so overjoyed to see Michael that I felt so much time I saw it 4 or 5 times it got harder and harder. I miss him so much....I really do love him....GOD BLESS EVERYONE

Anonymous said...

I saw it twice and both times, it made me both happy and sad. Happy because I got to see him as he was and hear his beautiful music. Sad because this really was it, no more would we see this bright star of light and pure soul.
It just breaks my heart but I will cherish This Is It forever. I have become involved in feeding children and saving rain forests all because of him and I do these in his honor. Michael, you are always in my heart. Let us all work to be more like him, I think this would make him smile.

Sharifah Faizah, said...

I saw it the second time last week and glad that they have decided to extend the screening from the original 2 weeks. The first time, I was in awe. After the movie it became even more unbelievable that he is gone after going through all that energy and vibe that accompanied the movie. Being a performer and musician myself I felt it was more tragic going through the expectations and hope of those who were working with him; it was a classic unfinished symphony. The second time was laced with sadness even though I grooved with MJ as he sang on film. However it made me realised his youthful enthusiasm as he sang ' The Way You Made Me Feel', watching him skipped and moved through the music like a an 'over- the- moon- teenager -in- love' utterly reminds me that his spirit is very much alive and brought a smile to my face.

Sharifah Faizah, said...

BTW, I'm in the middle of reading your book on MJ

Anonymous said...

My reaction has been very similar to yours. First time I saw TII, I think I was just swept up in the excitement of it. It's easy to do that because it's not really a morbid picture at all. You really feel like he is alive again for those two hours. I saw it early on with a big, responsive crowd, and there was a lot of cheering, clapping, and singing along. It felt like a big party.

But the downside of repeat viewings is that after awhile, the reality does sink in that it is all just celluloid images. Each time, I have found myself feeling more sad during the Man in the Mirror performance, knowing as I do that the end is drawing near and it's almost time to walk away-again. The final moment when he throws his head back and closes his eyes as the spotlight hits his face, and the title comes on that says "Love Lives Forever" really hits home now, for that is when the reality sinks in. Each time, it is like seeing him buried, and walking away, all over again.

DivineJoy said...

That's the same effect on me. Michael was a blessing.

blt said...

I've seen it 3 times, and all 3 times I cried beginning, middle and end, got out to the car and was so overcome with emotion I couldnt move for several minutes and just sat there. But, I also laughed and started dancing and singing especially during the Jackson 5 parts I have loved Michael for 40 years and havent been the same since he passed. What this movie showed me was him as a real person, but what struck me more than anything was that he was happy. The 2nd time I saw it, I looked for the shirt a fan had given him the day before he died that said " Curls for my girls" and has musical notes, she told him that his girl fans loved his curls and he wore it,which in itself shows how much he cared about all of us. I read about this on but you have to really look for it, he is also wearing a black leather jacket,over it so its kind of hard to see the shirt underneath but when he is singing Billie Jean and Earth Song and spreads his arms you can see it.

I would like to see it for a 4th time, but dont know if I can, its too painful, maybe by the time the DVD comes out the pain will have subsided but I doubt it.

Michael's heart was so big, this investigation needs to be concluded, arrests made, trials, its just taking way too long, and that isnt fair to Michael or his family.

I am on my way to Barnes & Noble to buy your book

Maria Ana R. said...

I watched it thrice already and I plan to buy the DVD on its release. Honestly, I began to be a fan of Michael Jackson only after watching "This Is It". Upon seeing it the first time I realized that the man is a real musical genius with a heart. When I heard "Earth Song", I was moved by his advocacy to save the planet. "Man in the Mirror" is another song that touched my heart deeply. After watching this movie, I became interested in Michael's Life. I started buying his albums. I began searching the internet on articles about him. About his childhood, his love life, his life in Neverland, about how he was misjudged, about people how he was taken advantage by people whom he trusted, about his court trials... I would read everything about him. I would Watch every MJ video on youtube. As I get to know more about what he has undergone through, my heart cries for him. I can only say that the Media was too harsh on him; and it really affected him a lot emotionally. I hope this time they will leave him alone.

I pray that Michael is happier and peaceful wherever he is now. I also pray for his kids that they'll be strong and that they will never forget their father's LOVE.

Michael may be gone but his music and legacy will live forever! Thank you for the MUSIC and LOVE Michael! We LOVE You!

seemeallover said...

my homosexual cousin saw this is it with his son and told me his son was dancing in the aisles. it made me feel good to know children know michael jackson is gay. african americans are funny.

Anonymous said...

First I went alone at 14.00 p.m. to avoid the crowd from the evening screenings. Wanted to be just MJ and myself. Wore a red jacket and black pants to honour the moment. It was amazing, it was emotional - with lot of tears -, it was joy, it was dance, it was rhythm, it was melody, it was awareness, it made me to reflect on many things about my own life. In Michael's words it was L.O.V.E.
Next time I went with my Friend who wanted to see the movie together with me. This time I was focusing on Michael's messages during the movie. The Earth Song brought me tears again.
Third time I went with my family. I didn't have any "plan" for this one. I let myself taken by the moment. Earth Song with tears again, but this time could grasp more Michael the dancer, Michael the songwriter, Michael the artist, Michael the sensitive man, Michael the rhythm, not only as regards the music, but as regards his being on stage, his way of treating his colleagues, his way of thinking.
Now I know, if one is open to hear Michael Jackson one becomes a better person.

Sibylle said...

I’ ve seen “This is it” thrice right now and I must admit, the third one was the most difficult to watch. Our son wanted to go and see the movie again and I went with him. I had a very sad feeling with tears in my eyes from the beginning.

Every time seeing the movie was different.
The first time I saw Michael in the movie, I was very excited. Sad, but happy seeing him again singing and dancing.
The second time I was mournful also, because of knowing the last “bittersweet” scenes of the movie “Love lives forever – Michael Jackson”. But I was able to recognize how Kenny Ortega put together the whole movie in order to highlight Michaels message to the world.
The third time I had a deep sad feeling from the beginning of the movie in my mind. I was afraid of the pain at the end, knowing, “this is it”.

I think I would not be able to go to the cinema at the moment once more. It would be too hard. I try to transform the grief and the inspiration Michael gave us in energy now, helping to keep his legacy alive.

MichaelsOnly Susie said...

I was only able to see it once because I am on a limited income and the tickets were kinda pricey! I sat down, not sure that I was ready for it, and I CLEARLY WAS NOT!! I cried all the way through the darned thing and kept saying to myself that there is no excuse for him to have been taken from us so soon. I truly believe that he was murdered!!

He was such a wonderfully generous man and there will NEVER, EVER be another one like him. He is like one snowflake, one grain of sand, or one star. SO unique that it will never be duplicated in the history of time immemorium!!

We L.O.V.E. you SOOO MUCH, Michael. And we miss you like crazy!

Antoinette said...

Aphrodite, thank you so much for writing Conspiracy. I hope Michael read it and knew that there were people out there who believed in him. I have not finished reading your book yet as it hurts so much. I pick it up every now and then so that I feel he is still with us. I am afraid that when I finish the book he will really be gone.

I have seen This Is It once but now that they have extended it for the second time, I will definitely go and see it again.

So want to tell him how sorry I am that he went through what he went through and I hope he is finally at peace now.

Let's protect his kids now from the ugliness that caused his demise. Lets not refer to him as anything but Michael Jackson, he hated the other names the tabloids labelled him with.

Now Michael you are amongst the heavenly beings, surrounded by love where you have always belonged. God watch over your kids and give you peace of heart. We will be here to remind them in case the media tries to sully your name again. We will remind them how much you were and are and always will be loved by your fans. The ones who truly understood you. We will not let the wagging tongues wail unhindered. I for one will always stand up for you and defend your good name as long as I live on this earth.

Thanks Aphrodite. You were there when he needed someone to speak the truth. Never stop speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

I saw the midnight premiere in Milford, CT & was shocked at the amount of talent derived from just rehearsal footage. When I began to feel saddened, our audience began interacting with the film as if it were a live concert, which helped immensely - as did the surprises at the end with the credits (& most of the audience had left by then). It has been hard to see it again due to the limited shows/times which have now been limited to 2 theaters in this state with 2 showtimes. I'm trying to make a 9:30PM this evening @ a theater that is a good distance away. I will be happy to write back regarding my reactions after seeing it this 2nd time. Thanks for this opportunity to comment

marceline said...

j'ai vu maintenant ce film 4 fois et je pense y retourner. la première fois, j'ai pleuré au début, quand le noir s'est fait, le texte, puis les commentaires des danseurs. Ensuite, j'ai été prise par Michael, comme s'il m'avait tenu la main et emmmenée avec lui. J'ai trouvé le film trop, trop court, on ne le voyait pas assez dans son travail avec les autres artistes ! Rentrée chez moi, j'ai senti un chagrin sans fond et j'ai pleuré.
La deuxième fois, j'y suis encore allée seule avec le coeur tordu par la conscience de son départ. De nouveau, j'ai été prise par son génie, j'ai souri, j'ai été attendrie par son humour, par sa gentillesse, son extrême précision et la force poétique de son langage
quand il se fait comprendre émotionnellement par ses musiciens;
Ensuite, je suis retournée avec des amis que j'ai presque obligés à venir voir le film et qui sont ressortis fans absolus de l'artiste et de la personne. je sentais leur émotions monter autour de moi. Michael, une fois de plus, nous mettait en communion avec lui et avec le monde. On sent très fort le respect, l'admiration et l'amour qu'il inspire aux autres artistes. C'est comme s'il était encore avec nous. On le voit en répétitions, on sait que ce n'est pas un spectacle abouti. Parfois, il "marque", parfois, il "fait" à fond, et c'est dans ce travail que l'on voit apparaître son âme humble et brillante, sa douce autorité. Quel Charisme, quelle beauté dans ses mouvement et dans sa voix, quel génie créatif ! Le show aurait été une merveille inégalée.
je sens que je deviens addict à ce film. Même quand je n'y vais pas, je sens qu'il passe, là, tout près. Il me manquera quand il quittera les salles.Michael me manque douloureusement.

Louie's Mom said...

I saw it a 2nd time in Westbrook, CT after seeing the premiere in Milford, CT. I was shocked to note that some of Michael's dialogue from the first movie, was missing in the 2nd movie seen on Thanksgiving Eve. Is it possible that there is more than one cut of this movie? And it was very sad - especially with no interactive audience this time, to work it through.

Mary said...

I've seen TII seven times and have cried every time. However I love watching how happy Michael seems being back doing what he did best in spite of everything. Nobody will EVER be able to take away his talent and the passion he had for his work. I also enjoy seeing the love and respect the other performers showed to him and the nurturing environment that he created for them. I personally will never forget the important messages he left all of us.
Thanks again Aphrodite for your great work.

Anonymous said...

I saw it 3 times...Never Can Say Goodbye....I was glad to see it the first time because it was evident that he wasn't ill, unable to perform, or being forced into performing. He was working with love and joy. He was happy. That made me feel better. The reality of the loss started to sink in with the 2nd and 3rd viewings. Have the DVD (both regular and Blu-ray) on order and really want them now, but I'm not sure I'll be able to watch them in January when they finally arrive. It hurts so much to see what a great person and entertainer he was and to realize he is no longer with us. I feel especially for his children. I know they will heal...all of us will, but they and his fans will always miss him.

Thank you Aphrodite for standing by him and trying to make people realize that the jury reached the right verdict. God bless you and Tom Mesereau. I pray that right and justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

I saw it 3 times...Never Can Say Goodbye....I was glad to see it the first time because it was evident that he wasn't ill, unable to perform, or being forced into performing. He was working with love and joy. He was happy. That made me feel better. The reality of the loss started to sink in with the 2nd and 3rd viewings. Have the DVD (both regular and Blu-ray) on order and really want them now, but I'm not sure I'll be able to watch them in January when they finally arrive. It hurts so much to see what a great person and entertainer he was and to realize he is no longer with us. I feel especially for his children. I know they will heal...all of us will, but they and his fans will always miss him.

Thank you Aphrodite for standing by him and trying to make people realize that the jury reached the right verdict. God bless you and Tom Mesereau. I pray that right and justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jones, I know and realize that you are a very busy individual, but I really, really hope that you have seen my previous messages asking about the chances of putting Conspiracy on film. I know that your other books have turned into a hit movie, and I think "Conspiracy" would as well. It could also give MJ the public vindication he so deserved. I've seen where you stated in your blog after the release of "This is IT" that this sort of vindication that he has received after his death has come "a day late, and a dollar short". That maybe so, but I say it would not be some sort of plot to vindicate Michael, but more as a slap in the Media's face to prove the evidence of his innocence. I mean, why not? Afterall, the Media has gone out of their way to scrutinize him, so why not beat them at their own game and do the same, but except this would be the truth and not trash.
PLEASE, PLEASE let us know if there is anything WE could do to play a part in making the process a successful outcome. I would sign a petition, write a letter, etc.., Whatever it would take! It's not because I'm just a fan of Michael Jackson, but more a fan of a kind human spirit, which to me, Michael's was the kindest and purest example of the human spirit we may ever know.The fact that he suffered so badly from what Society and the Media did to him just devastates me beyond tears. So, with that being said... Let's get your book on film!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jones, I really hope that there is a chance of putting Conspiracy on film. I know that your other books have turned into a hit movie, and I think "Conspiracy" would as well. It could also give MJ the public vindication he so deserved. I've seen where you stated in your blog after the release of "This is IT" that this sort of vindication that he has received after his death has come "a day late, and a dollar short". That maybe so, but I say it would not be some sort of plot to vindicate Michael, but more as a slap in the Media's face to prove the evidence of his innocence. I mean, why not? Afterall, the Media has gone out of their way to scrutinize him, so why not beat them at their own game and do the same, but except this would be the truth and not trash.
PLEASE, PLEASE let us know if there is anything WE could do to play a part in making the process a successful outcome. I would sign a petition, write a letter, etc.., Whatever it would take! It's not because I'm just a fan of Michael Jackson, but more a fan of a kind human spirit, which to me, Michael's was the kindest and purest example of the human spirit we may ever know.The fact that he suffered so badly from what Society and the Media did to him just devastates me beyond tears. So, with that being said... Let's get your book on film!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jones, if you would make a movie out of conspiracy, I would be willing to put money into it. I don't have much in the big scheme of things, but several thousand like me and you have the money to back it up. I bet there are some people out there that feel so strongly about it that they would be willing too. I don't know how these things work, but we want to vindicate Michael's good name and the sooner the better. This is a story that MUST, MUST be told. Please. Just give us a means to contact you and we will. Toni.

Anonymous said...

I have seen 10 times and never can say goodbye
I miss Michael terribly.
Thank you for for all the truth

Anonymous said...

I have seen 10 times and never can say goodbye
I miss MIchael terribly
Thank you for the truth

Anonymous said...

I am a fan for over 20 years.
My heart broke into thousand pieces and when I saw This IS IT I just could not hold my tears.
MIchael was and always will be the most amazing entertainer,a gift,unforgettable,with the most generous heart, and I will love him for the rest of my life.
I have a dream
To buy the book but in my language
Michael was always the truth
I can not forget that smile, that one in THIS IS IT
(sorry any mistakes in english)

monica said...

I only want to thank you for your work in favour of this ANGEL. I'd like to buy the book but Idk if it is here in Argentina (could you tell me?). I saw TII 9 times and I have his smile in my mind all the time. It was fantastic and very very sad. I like his music even more each time I listen to it and in the same way each time a saw TII it was even sadder. I've cried my eyes out each time and can´t stop the feeling than he died for us for his fans, trying to give us the best, always the best, although he had to work that hard. We will never see someone like him in our entire life. I will miss him forever. His love will be endless.

Monica from Argentina

Crisantemo from Argentina said...

I saw TII once because it hurts me. I love Michael so much that I can’t watch his performances without crying, knowing that he is physically no longer with us. On trying to calm myself down I say to myself that Michael would not like seeing us suffer. Besides, I think that, instead of passively crying, as you said we should MAKE SOMETHING to keep the gifts Michael gave us alive. I am a teacher and I can see that children adore him and want to sing his songs and dance like he does. They love Michael as much as he loves them. This makes me think that it would be a great idea to establish MJArtCentres throughout the world in order to spread his art, recreating his dancing, his songs, his messages of love, his videos, to fulfill the need of the new generations to know him and learn more about him. I don’t know how this could be implemented but it would be great.

mmm said...

I read your book it's awful what happened to Michael, I really enjoyed reading your book I could not stop.
michael believed to please the family but that he was unhappy!
so thank you for opening my eyes and not listen to the tabloids say whatever

I'm really sorry I thought that Michael was responsible for all these crimes
him his hurt
I also went to see this is it I loved it!
It was like a tribute to the star the king of pop
vraient damage to know and understand after his death!

Alicia said...

I've already posted in the other "This Is It" blog about my only experience watching it. I did see another post about wanting to vindicate Michael as a man. Anyone who feels that way should check out my Facebook group, VindicateMJNow. I hope everyone who agrees with the group description will join & invite others who feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

What hurts most is the way that Michael died, without anybody he loved on his side. Lonely and not knowing this is it - the end.

What's worse for me is I don't really believe one go see god and live a better after-life. When you are gone, you are gone. If there is a heaven, Michael is the person that I want to meet there.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Michael come on screen, my heart just dropped. I was bawling during the whole "Jackson 5" bit. When the old pictures of them showed up the tears kept falling.

Thank you for your work, Mrs. Jones. Michael Jackson will soon be vindicated and exnorated, and thanks goes to you who painted a correct depiction of this amazing man without any bias. If only he was alive to experience it.

Antoinette Albert said...

Well, In all I saw the Film 4 times.

The 1st and 2nd Time I didnt cry at all.

I was Smiling and Happy. His death never really came into my mind. I think that is what Michael meant when he spoke about ESCAPISM!

To Escape THIS world where we are hurting, grieving and mad and transcend to a place where one can sing, dance and be happy. His Beauty and LOVE made me smile and know that he was in a good place his last few years, months, days of life. He was doing something he was bron to do and LOVED to do...MusiC!

Funny thing is the 3rd and 4th Time I DID cry! Not ALOT but I did!

Human Nature and Earth Song got to me. I remebered this Gorgoues Light, this remarkable person is now gone. Gone from this Earth. After I wipe the tears I remind myself that a Man as he is too special for this place. He never got the Love and Appreciation he deserved on Earth and now he can be where NO ONE can hurt him. Where Angels and GOD on high can cherish him <3

Love you MJ

See you In Heaven :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the movie 4 times and will try to see it tomorrow before it closes. Each time I see the film, I notice something new. The last time I went, I sang and dwaved my hands to the music. I never get enough of Michael's works. I've always been a fan, but after his death, I did MAJOR research on the guy, Mike was simply a gift from good - unmatched. I no longer consider myself a "fan", but a friend and defender of his legacy. He live to be LIKE Jesus. I think he came pretty close and that's why he was so misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

A gift from God.

Pat Shawyer UK said...

I saw "This is it" twice, the 1st time I cried a lot, the whole thing really moved me, to see this musical genius at work, then to know he was snuffed out a day later is still, very hard to believe.
The 2nd time was equally sad.
I'm currently reading "Conspiracy" and it is making me sadder still, I never doubted his innocence, not once. I'm no silly kid either, he and I are the same age, so I grew up listening to MJ, I am glad that you worte this book, to put the record straight.
I miss Michael Jackson and his wonderful music so much.

Anonymous said...

I saw This Is It twice and cried a lot both times. A lot of people just don't realize what talent he had, they only focus on spreading negativity. I'm glad that this movie shows them what he was really like, a sweet talented person with a huge heart. As a long time fan, I'm sure I will cry in the future again. This is just so sad on many levels. My heart breaks for his children.

Anonymous said...

in the short time period that this is it was in theatres i was only able to see it 4 times. The first time i saw it was the day of the early release,which was i believe the 26th,and the day before the actual release at 12 oclock, i said that because i believe that that had a huge effect of the reaction and the energy of the movie. the theatre was packed, and nearly EVERYONE in there was a fanatic,so it was a wild expirience,and fun also. I believe in that enviornment we were too happy to have michael back for the first time again to notice the little details that we were able to the first time we saw it...things that would make you cry around the 3rd or 4th. The 4th time i saw it,when he did Earth song i just got up and left out the was just too hard for me, i really dont understand we it had such a dramatic effect that time,and everytime i see it from then on but i know it hurts and i miss him.....(follow me on twitter @thequeenofrap ...

tulika said...

Michael Jackson rocks..
He stays alive in my heart till i live...
I am thankful to all you guys who are trying to dispell the myths about him.. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw This is IT, twice at the movies, during the 1st performance when I saw Michael in that bluish/purplish jacket he was so heart sank, I knew that that video was the last footage of him..I walked out of the theater to compose myself then came back in to finish seeing the film. The second time I did not walk out I took it a little better. I have the bootleg version and the store bought DVD...I just sit and look at all that wasted talent. I look at the interaction between Kenny O & Michael and I wonder if it was genuine...Michael when he turns around his backside is gone his jeans are so baggy....nobody noticed this? I looked at the feature clips and all the new designer outfits Make for The King of Pop with all those Jewels, they knew MJ wasn't going to wear any of that broke my heart!!!! I saw the film no way was MJ going to pull off 50 shows and be able to sing and dance every other day. A person in their 20's would have a hard time doing that....This is bigger then Dr. Murray..other hands are involved here..then knew MJ's fans we will buy any and everything with MJ on it (cash cow) unless like one of the other bloggers wrote that dummy Dr. Murray just feel asleep and if he did why is it that he did not call 911 right away then start CPR with MJ on the floor for christ sake....did the EMT people every get interviewed? Gone to you Michael forever....c y when I get to the other from your number 1 fan...Jersey

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel

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