Friday, November 6, 2009

The latest TMZ reports

I have been watching the recent TMZ reports with dismay. All I can do is remind people that TMZ is a "trash bin" where all dirty laundry gets thrown and rehashed. The idea of the TMZ show and website is to spread scandal. It is for this reason that a man who has such great respect and stature, such as Tom Mesereau, would probably never go on the show voluntarily. Sometimes, it is better to ignore wild claims and crazy accusations, because the more you protest, the more "real" it begins to seem in people's minds. I find that staying with the facts -- has always worked best for me. I try to be as straight and honest as I can when I report... and as an investigative crime author for over 20 years, that creed has never failed me. To all those who are upset with the recent "trash" being thrown up against the wall -- and bunch of garbage being thrown to see what will stick -- I say, let it go. What would Michael do? He would refuse to dignify this nonsense with any response at all. Michael Jackson has a film out that shows his genius in every possible form... but people don’t want to focus on that. As long as we continue to contemplate garbage, we perpetuate the cycle of trash that insults his genius and hurts his legacy.


Landy said...

Ecellent take on this. I wish more people would understand the motivation of these tabloids and not buy into it.

I am amazed that some people actually think TMZ is legitimate journalism. Unbelievable!

Thanks for shining the light on these rags.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

i don't think there's anything genuine in klein's motives - he is nothing close to a 'best friend'

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering lately:will this ever end?The only good thing about Michael being dead is that he no longer has to hear all this nonsense.If it weren't for his children, I would say that God himself took mercy on him and decided to take him to a better place after long years of public scorn and suffering.
I am not American,but I have to ask:is it OK for a doctor to go to TV and discuss a dead patient?Aren't there laws about this?

Anonymous said...

This so called friend is a media whore.I can't believe how much he loves being on Tv.But there is one good thing about his "performance" on TMZ.He contradicted himself so many times that nobody in his right mind will ever believe him.

Maite said...

Aphrodite thank you for your take on this horrible story. I can not believe the TMZ is reporting such a story like this. But they are trash so what can we expect. Not even in death is MJ name out of their garbage reporting. As for me I found out on facebook what they where reporting and I said to myself are they serious. MJ was shy he would never do anything like that and he was to humble to portraid himself in that matter. I keep reminding everyone that this is just garbage!

Anna at D16 said...

I cannot fathom how it is that TMZ has managed to transcend the label of being a tabloid. There is something very wrong with the world of legitimate journalism is quoting Harvey Levin and his team of vampires as a source for truth.

Thank you for taking this stand. It really means a lot. I hope I never see you or TMez on that site, intentionally or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

words fail me :/


Anonymous said...

think you aphrodite you are a rare good journalist fighting for MJ dignity is a fight for the very dignity of mankind because if they can do it to him and go away with it they can do it to anyone

chance101 said...

It is appalling how these Jews--Klein and Harvey Levin is dehumanizing MJ, the way that Hitler wanted to dehumanize the Jews in the '40s.

Of all races, they should have been more careful to accuse MJ of such an act--what do they think MJ was--anyway, MJ was a very well-mannered, well-bred gentleman, and was raised with conservative values inculcated to him by his highly spiritual Mother!

BOYCOTT ratings-obsessed, lying and money-hungry TABLOIDS!

marceline said...

chère Aphrodide,
J'ai eu beaucoup de peine en découvrant les dernières saletés de TMZ. Maintenant que le génie de Michael recommence à briller et que les journaux ne parlent enfin plus que du génie de l'artiste et de la bonté de l'homme.
Nous avons vraiment besoin de personnes honnètes et talentueuses comme vous et Tom Mesereau pour que la vérité sur cet être exceptinnel finisse par être universellement reconnue.
God bless you.

msan said...

I'm very sad for Dr Klein... he was in TMZ...

What your think about he said?

Please write a new book about Michael, tell the tru about his death!
I'm sick of Media Circus and Jackson Family race for Michael's Money

Ada said...

Thank you Aphrodite. Well said.

I am really sick of all these garbage.

Anonymous said...

thank you Aphrodite, great article. God bless you.

Love from Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Aphrodite, you are so wonderful! I love you for all you have done for Michael. May God bless you always!

The Castle Keep B&B @Thorngrove Manor said...

How difficult is it to open closed minds and to educate closed minds. I cannot fathom Dr Klein's motive-perhaps celebrity! Michael kept his children protected, how can they be protected from the vultures. Please continue to expose the truth about the humanity of MJ. We are blessed you saw the light and stood your ground.
Klein is like a "creepy" uncle. Facts speak truth...thank you for your book...continue to clear his name.

Ida said...

Michael Jackson was somehow enduring a living hell thanks to the press. if it wasn't for them, I think he would've been alive today. And I wonder; when is this going to stop? When are those outrageous lies and false friends going to keep their mouth shut? Arnold Klein has to be one of the most money-grabbing, sick for attention people the world has ever known. The things someone in the press are doing should be a crime, Michael's treatment has been dehumanizing, and I somehow ask God: "What did he do to deserve this?!"

Anonymous said...

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marceline said...

chère Aphrodite,
Tant de mensonges et de saletés ont été dits sur Michael par une presse pourrie qui a fini par le tuer! Il n'a pas mérité celà.
Des personnes comme vous peuvent rétablir la vérité. Merci pour votre courage.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor connait-elle votre Livre ? Est-ce que vous pourriez lui demander d'écrire un livre de souvenirs sur sa belle be relation avec Michael ? Non pas pour gagner de l'argent où de la gloire, elle n'en a pas besoin. Mais comme un contre-poison qui montrerait Michael tel qu'il était vraiment.
Il y a certainement d'autres personnes honnètes et courageuses comme vous qui pourraient unir leurs témoignages.
J'attends votre prochain livre ou votre prochain film avec impatience.
With love .

Vilma said...

Muchas gracias Afhrodite por todo tu esfuerzo en vindicar la vida y buen corazon de MJ, por favor llevo mucho tiempo buscando tu libro no esta en ninguna libreria aqui en US, por favor donde puedo encontrarlo y que dios te ayude a clarificar la verdad.

YM said...

nightmare :-o
dr klein can't live without being in limelight since MJ has passed away :-//////

check this out

nikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nikki said...

Hello Aphrodite,
Thank you for sharing your insights via your blog. I have been meaning to post comments but hardly find the time. I hope to go back and write comments on other posts you have made very soon.
I am assuming most of the "TMZ trash" you are referring to is that of the interview (more like stream-of-consciousness) from Dr. Klein. I do not know Dr. Klein, nor am I sure what to think of him at this moment in time. However, I watched the 96 minute video last night and found some of the things he shared very, very interesting and possibly helpful in the search for truth in Michael's death. I was intrigued by hearing him speak about Michael's drug use and some of the doctors who treated him. I came across thinking that there is a strong possibility that there is some truth in what Dr. Klein said. Now, what his motivation is, do any of us really know? There are some things he said that I would like to have more information about and would like to send him an email and ask him questions to get more information. For example, he said he has read 48 articles about Demerol and none of them have mentioned toxicities from use of the medication, but I have been taught differently in pharmacy school. I would like to know the truth. I also want to know about the inhalation of propofol while treating a patient who is using it while not being intubated. I want to see where this information is printed. I think the most puzzling and hurtful thing he mentioned was Murray giving Michael intramuscular injections of propofol, which just makes me cringe (and made me cry). No doctor should ever be doing that! I have many more questions written down, and want to view the video again to gather more information and questions.
I think most of us reading your blog care about Michael. That being said, we want to know the truth about his death. There is a lot of garbage out there, but somewhere in the midst, there might be a few precious jewels. We all need to keep an open mind to what we listen to and read. We also need to somehow attempt to have faith that the LAPD investigators are doing their job right and will be able to sift through most of the lies and uncover the truth.
Regardless of what comes out about Michael and his past drug use, I think it is important to remember what this man went through throughout his entire life. I am not saying it is an excuse, but some of the pain he suffered is very evident to us, and there is probably much more pain that was underneath that perhaps he was not even aware of completely. People were put in a situation to help him and failed, and I don't think he was capable of helping himself. This is a man who was literally in turmoil and essentially had the life, or the zest of life, drained from him. You can even see it in his pictures, just in the expression in his eyes. We should continue to respect Michael and have more sympathy for this man who asked of nothing more than to be loved. I hope that more people will take this message, and other messages he shared with us, to heart.
Thank you,
Nikki Evans-Taylor

Anonymous said...

Oh poor MJ. He seems sweet, child like and just innately good and innocent. He obviously had no real friends (barring a few) and even those he did consider friends seem not to have had any caring at all for him as a human being. in part, that could also have been his desire not to want adult company, preferring instead children who are innocent and harmless like himself. so it makes sense to me that they are the one's who would understand him most. no doubt he's in a better place now. he doesn't deserve the kind of mean, abominable treatment he has reserved. let's all try to take his message of love and make the world a better place.

Vindicate Michael Jackson Now said...

But, Aphrodite and all...if we don't try to dispel these oddities rampaging Michael Jackson's legacy they will continue to proliferate like bacteria on an open wound. We've got to attempt to truly 'explain away' why so many of these bizarre things are being said about this man; so that we can hopefully provide a different perspective to those who still *doubt* his innocence; doubt him capable of being the loving soul he so eloquently presented to the world on every level of his being. If we let these cuts fester unattended we lose, his legacy loses and they gather more steam - like a large boulder left teetering on the edge of a cliff. It's bound to fall if it's not pushed back on solid ground. Just my .02. That's what I'm attempting to do with my site, through Facebook, Twitter and now Blogger...

Anonymous said...

It's great what you all are doing in support of MJ. This ridiculous media obsession with an innocuous comment made about sharing beds with kids, and the clearly distorted way in which the media spread and misconstrued it is pathetic. Was it okay with the parents of these kids? Seems to be so, since they talk about it as if they knew all along. If that was the understanding, then what is the big fuss over sharing a bed with a kid in a platonic, caring way with full parental awareness of the sleeping arrangements? Do people forget he was caring for sick kids? Somebody needs to be speaking to the parents first. To make it seem like MJ lured little kids is laughable given what we know of him and what he has openly shared with the world very honestly. Why is everything so sex-oriented in America?!!! Everything is made into a perversion to the point where you can go crazy questioning motivations. We are not robots, we are human beings, and MJ obviously was one with the most depth and feeling to inspire vast numbers of people.

SerenityLife said...

As a follower of Michael Jackson's music and art since 1979, I remember reading an interview of his in the early 1980s where Michael said do not believe what you read in the tabloids. I'm glad Michael addressed this in the early 1980s [for my personal sake] because if not I might be hooked on gossip media which I am not.

I even had to wait until (to me) a legitimate source confirmed Michael Jackson's death because I couldn't believe that TMZ was reporting it first before a credible source such as Reuters or the Associated Press!

Thank you for voicing your opinion on this. It means a lot!

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting and shocked me a lot what this TMZ interview with Dr. Klein "revealed" and I was soo very sad. Thank you Aphrodite for explaining TMZ style. MJ was such a shy and humble person. He didn't even like to look in the eyes of "strangers" without his glasses and this man should have done all the things Dr. Klein said?? This is ridiculous.

Teresa said...

Hi from Portugal Afrodite

Please write a new book honouring the truth that is so rare this days.

All that is hapening is appalling.

Please know that we love you and support you.
Here there is no more news about Michael. Only now and then covers on tabloids wich I refuse to buy.

Thank god we have the Internet. All my love and respect for you and all who come here.
Be safe **

nikki said...

I agree with you 1000%. I actually have bought a domain ( to attempt to bring back the respect that Michael deserves. I hope to begin building it in December. So many lies, too many lies are out there. His true fans, and those with a big heart and greater understanding understand Michael and what made him unique. There will always be a few haters out there that will say mean and nasty things just to get rise from people. But, the majority of people are open-minded but their minds have been filled with garbage from such outlets at the media, etc. Michael deserves nothing but respect not only for his hard work with his artistic creations but as one of the greatest humanitarians as well. I want to join you in your fight for Michael.

PJ James said...

Nikki; and all...come join our effort (Facebook forum - Vindicate Michael Jackson Now - or here at Blogger- same name). Our main website is live: email me personally: We are linking our forum to Facebook (sorry Blogger!) follow us on Twitter - VindicateMike. Our ultimate mission is to gather like minds to speak to these 'so-called' oddities in a rational, NON-MILITANT manner. As tempting as it may seem screaming at the media will backfire. It may feel good to get the anger off your chest, but it will not endear them to 'your cause.' It will not convince them to listen. It will do nothing more than convince them we are simply a bunch of zealous MJ fantatics. As more people who believe as we do come together to 'explain-away' MJ's 'weirdness' - including the famous who knew him best - a different perspective will emerge. It already has, by the way, slowly, ever so slowly. Guys, this is not going to happen overnight. I'm committed to staying in this vindication machine as long as it takes. Years, in fact. I need members to come forward and join us on these blogs to talk about this man's life openly, logically and honestly analyzing the very issues that nailed him and WHY. He was NOT GOD. He was an extra special human being with weaknesses; who made mistakes. He was blindsighted and too naive to understand the consequences of such innocent words. This naivety was not of his own making in my opinion but the result of having grown up on a stage. For anyone in show biz to claim 'The World is their Stage' had never met Michael Jackson. Not only was his world the stage; it was his safety net. It was *the* single place he truly felt alive; free, loved...America is beyond sex-obsessed (in the wrong direction). For those who do not already know, I AM a former member of the media (investigative news reporter, large city daily, online editor for years...I understand - as Aphrodite certainly does - both sides of this equation; the good, the bad and the ugly). Help us dispel the 'ugly' cloud that dangled over MJ's head far too long. But let's do it with dignity; intelligence; prose that will be hard to argue away. Facts that will speak for themselves without pointing blame at anyone. Frankly, folks, scream at the tabloid trash rag zoids all you want. It's too late for that...far too late.

Anonymous said...

His music and dancing are going to outlast us all!!! Some fans of MJ write as if they are in doubt of that. Have more confidence in the legacy he left behind.

MichaelPureSoul said...

It is simply amazing and jaw dropping the things being said there. There are many haters seems to be, but that just shows they are simply JEALOUS. It's all so very ugly, I hope you can read this, YOU ARE UGLY PEOPLE ! I cannot waste my time reading such TRASH.

Anonymous said...

Aphrodite, I absolutely agree. I find it extremely hard to understand why people fabricated so many untruths against such a gentle and kind soul as was Michael Jackson. Thank you for all that you have done and for portraying MJ as he truly was.

Doreen Davis, Malta

kika said...

I can't believe they spent 90 minutes on Klein (I couldn't watch it though) and the 'big' news about Michael and 'cups' (I'm sorry, I can't write down this BS) but they didn't even mention the suicide of the man who fabricated the biggest of all lies about MJ and broke his heart and soul forever.

SerenityLife said...

Will some one bring up the fact that the managing editor of TMZ - Harvey Levin - has an inactive California Bar license.

Would this effect his role on TMZ if he is stating that he is a practicing lawyer?

I don't know because I don't read the website or watch his show.

Something to think about.

His California Bar license is a public record. Look here and see for yourself:

If it gets erased here it is here too:

Harvey Robert Levin -
Current Status: Inactive

This member is inactive, but is eligible to become active.

Present Inactive
1/1/1996 Inactive
12/18/1975 Admitted to The State Bar of California

I'm really curious as to how his would be handled if he is saying he is an active lawyer when he isn't.

Louie's Mom said...

It is appalling. I hope that, in time, you will be able to set the record straight in another book - if the case regarding MJ's case ever proceeds and is brought to justice in our lifetime.

Queene said...

Aprodite, I love this post. After Michael's death I read everything I could find to try and understand what really happened. This included TMZ reports. I soon realized this is just another tabloid rag posing as ethical journalism.

I think the last straw for me was the interview with Dr. Klein. My heart was truly broken. This man calls himself a close friend of Michael Jackson. He violated every morale boundary and certainly did not come across as a friend. However, I suspect that if he truly was a friend of Michael's he would not have had a 90 minute interview with Harvey. He would not have been invited.

I applaud you for trying to get the truth about Michael out there. I suspect many will fight you every step of the way. To admit the truth about Michael would mean...the media will owe this man and his children an apology!

Arabella said...

I agree with Queene - when MJ first died, I hate to admit I went to TMZ fairly regularly to get 'news' of how he died. When they posted the video of Klein (which I refused to watch), it was only then that I realized that by visiting TMZ so much, I was contributing to the tabloid/paparazzi culture that tormented Michael so cruelly.

Having read "Michael Jackson Conspiracy," I knew that if there was any truth to what Klein was spouting, some of his ex-employees or others would have been happy to have brought this up before, for handsome fees. The fact that no mention of this had been made in the trial, I think, proves that Klein is creating pure fabrication.

Thank you very much for your post, Aphrodite, and for your wonderful book! May Michael rest in peace.

Alicia said...

I heard about Klein being interviewed by TMZ, but refused to watch it because I'd seen & heard him talk since MJ's death & he gave me a bad vibe. His story about Michael relieving himself in front of people is just preposterous.
To Nikki & everyone else:
I have a similar venture as Vindicate Michael Jackson Now. The heavy lifting, so to speak, is being done on our Facebook site, VindicateMJNow. We have a blog on Blogger, that's called MJHumanity & a Twitter page of the same name. The blog site has editorials that I've written, based on my interpretation of certain things I've learned about the most controversial aspects of MJ's life. We don't have a website yet, but do hope to build 1 when I get ready. I, also, don't have a time limit on this venture. I'll work on it until the work gets done. Fans are welcome, but the most help will come from people who actually knew Michael or have insight into aspects of his life. To that end, I already have 3 people whe have the kind of knowledge I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

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