Thursday, February 4, 2010

Michael Jackson / Teen Violence

As for Dr. Conrad Murray's recent arrival in LA to prepare to turn himself in to LAW ENFORCEMENT.... all I can say for the moment is... we are all ready to see justice... but is anyone ready for the defense who will pull out every stop to try to drag Michael through the mud again? You do realize that every drug he ever took; every doctor he ever saw; every alias he ever used... will all be dragged out in the courtroom when Murray goes on trial. So brace yourselves! I will continue to make limited comments on this, but truly, until I have facts to report, I don’t want to further speculate.

On another note, I thought the show on Teens Who Kill (Too Young to Kill on E! last night) was a necessary evil.... exposing the angst and destruction that fills the youth of America... For those who are MJ fans, please know that this is exactly the type of thing that weighed on his mind, and this was something he wanted to try to help change... That's why Michael wanted to create an international children's holiday (which was the WHOLE reason he agreed to let Bashir film that documentary!) Michael hated violence and that was why he sheltered his kids (even more so than his distrust for the media, he didn't want his kids to be a part of the violent adult world that so many kids have fallen into. In fact, Michael felt all the violence in kids came from neglect, and I know this to be true in many cases.

The E! Special on teens touched on numerous interviews with teen killers, which gave us an idea of the mindlessness of teen violence. For myself, when I did the prison interview with Rod Ferrell, the self-proclaimed vampire who started a cult, I discovered a group of lost kids who were all looking for acceptance, for someone to think they were 'special." As I watched this 2-hour special on these most horrific crimes, all I could think to myself was: I wish none of these crimes ever happened...

One reason I wrote the two teen violence books featured in the special, was to expose the turbulent world teens inhabit, in the hopes that this type of needless violence would be prevented... that schoolhouse shootings, for example, would be put to an end. Yet, after watching the show, I feel helpless now, more than ever... knowing that we are faced with an even more violent world... Can that really be true?

What happened to the idea that we could HEAL the world? What became of the Wonder Bread years that my generation grew up in? We didn't know anything about guns or knives in our homes or our schools... We were sheltered... Many of you know a world where children could be children.... It was Michael, however, who had no childhood to speak of... What a very, very sad comment to think that the one person who devoted himself to keeping innocence in the world.... is no longer here to speak out. More than ever, we need to wake up and take on Michael’s cause to help children in America, and around the world. Remember the children, for they inherit the Earth, and look to Michael's children, to help lead by example.



seven said...


I have the same fear as you regarding a trial with Murray. I was hoping he'd just plea bargain and get locked up - or whatever - saving Michael's name from being dragged through the mud yet again in a trial - and his own for that matter. He supposedly stated that he would surrender because he didn't want a spectacle. Maybe he won't want the spectacle of a trial, either. If that is even possible at this point.

Regarding kids, - oh God. We need Michael's voice now more than ever. He truly understood that many of the problems in the world begin with children - those who are abandoned, abused, neglected - and therefore grow up angry, distrustful, lonely, dejected, and looking for ANY way to belong to something and be noticed. I fear we are raising a world of psychopaths.

I do believe Michael knew the answer was - to save the children.

There was apparently a National Children's day at one time in the U.S. but the day has somehow been forgotten about and isn't widely celebrated - and this doesn't seem to be a worldwide day - the dates differ.

There is this org:

and this information from wikipedia:

And this entry on my own website about it:

As you can see the dates all differ. Nothing is concrete or Universal and it needs to be. The UN and the UN need to declare one day per year - internationally - Children's Day.

seven said...

In my previous comment, I meant to type that the *US* and the UN need to declare one day per year internationally - Children's Day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you say except that I don't think MJ's children need the additional pressure from fans, family, media to be role models. They don't owe us that. I hope they go about leading their childhoods in the healthiest, happiest way possible. If they choose to be a voice and carry on their dad's message, then I hope they can make that decision themselves.

Christy said...

I am nervous abt the trial too. It makes my heart literally hurt to think MJs name may be dragged through the mud again. He was a wonderful human being who deserved NONE of the bad, hurtful things ppl put him though. He made a +impact on me.

Regarding kids, I Michael's voice is needed now more than ever. He truly understood that many of the problems in the world begin with children, esp ones that are abandoned, abused and grow up angry & bitter, I think want nothing more than love and acceptance. MJ understood that. We need him more than ever, but he no longer here. We should honor him by spreading his mission, LOVE. Make the World a better place for you and me... for our children. They are our future.

Anonymous said...

I see everybody here agrees with A.J. about the possibility that MJ's name will be dragged through the mud. I fear the exact same thing. I know the tabloids and main stream media are going to have a field day with this. However, at the same time I think back to right after he died, the media/tabloids were dragging his name through the mud even then. They reported on aliases and how many different drugs he had been on. Despite the negative publicity here in the U.S. he still sold 8 million albums in 2009, the Movie "This is it" grossed roughly $71 million domestically at the boxoffice, and "This is it" is the #1 DVD and Blu-ray on the U.S. DVD and Blu-ray sales charts it's first week of release according to Home Media Magazine. It's going to be hard of course to watch Murray's defense and the media demonize MJ again but as fans we just have to be strong and believe that MJ's legacy is more powerful than any dirt they try to dig up now.

Anonymous said...

I just read your post...thank you again!
Please help me to spread this-i believe we can make Mike's dream to come true -an international children's day..
This is the petition:
Please help&spread this,they need more signatures...

Michelle said...

I completely agree with you! As a fan of Michael's, a child with a lost childhood and a parent truly something has to change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this!

Deborah Ffrench said...

No matter how long Murray goes down for, it won't bring Michael back. It will also not excuse or erase the beyond vicious treatment Mihael received at the hands of the media and predators like Diane Dimond and Martin Bashir.

There would never have been a Doctor Murray in Michael's life, if not for the unprecedented pressure and judgement placed on him while he lived.

The cumulative trauma of being put through a baseless, protracted trial in full view of the world's lens, knowing if found guilty, he would be removed from his children's lives; in addition to the relentless vilification Michael faced from the press who chose to simply disregard a verdict they found economically inconvenient - defies known definitions of inhumanity.

The inevitably, frenzied media coverage of Dr Murray's impending trial which will replay the details of Michael's dying moments for months to come, has now already begun its crescendo. It is more than a little disturbing to observe how quickly those same people who actively colluded in the degradation and erosion of Michael's spirit and dignity for over 15 years, have regrouped to focus on Dr Murray for the part he may have played in Michael's death.

Murray's culpability cannot be denied, but he was far from alone in his responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aphrodite, your post have really touched me especially when you write about the children and the neglect so many are experiencing. Just a thought about a trial makes my blood boil beause Murray for sure will try everything to put the guilt on Michael. This is my heart speaking because i love Michael so much and i can not believe he is not here anymore.
Jovana, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Aphrodite,

I read your book MJ Conspiracy, it was very engaging. I also saw you on E about teens who kill. I hope the world is paying attention because these teens will someday be adults, and PARENTS.

I will also like to add that I will be reading your other books as well.

Tinka said...

Yes, AJ, there will be lots of dirty laundry again... but Brian Oxman is already preparing us by calling MJ a drug addict again and again... :( I wish he'd just shut up.

Anonymous said...

aphrodite; when a celebrity or anyone for that matter sells a hit cd or publishes a famous novel or book of any kind, how do you know how many books or cd's were actually sold? i mean if your publisher told you that your book sold one million copies, how do you know that in fact ten million copies were'nt sold? i mean no one was there as each copy was sold, or do you just have to take the word of your publisher, manager etc. i mean in this world of extreme greed and deception is there some way of verifying the stats? of making sure your intrest is being protected? or do you simply have to take some one's word for it? I recieved a full college scholarship for my skills in creative writing, but my dad did not let me accept it, because the main classes i needed to take were only offered on the sabbath. nand my family was very strict about that sort of thing. though it's a hundred years later (smile) friends and family are encouraging me to start writing again. please respond.... love anxious

Anonymous said...

aphrodite: on the advice of a friend i explored the internet sight called mj death hoax. i know that some people think that it's a sight strictly for people who just can't accept mj's death. but i read everything on that sight very carefully. and it asks the same questions i asked for the longest. the one thing i'am sure of is that mj may be dead, but if he is it did not happen on the 25th of june. the other things i'am positive of is it was not mj announcing the o2 concert in london. and it most assuredly was not mj in the this is it cocert movie and i'm not just saying that because his dad said so. my specialty is research. i mean serious research. so either mj is alive or he died long before june 25th. you are a journalist, and journalist are curious people. have you done any research on the subject? can you say with absolute certainty that mj died? and where is mj's body double? i've seen him twice and he looks just like mj. is that who really died? if not why has'nt any body seen or heard from him since mj's alleged death? even if there is a confidetiality agreement that does'nt stop him from being in public, whats going on?